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A custom mesh mod that changes several outfits, hairstyle and Lara's face

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Please Install Mod After Syria Mission/London Cutscenes If Playing Campaign

This mod aims to give Lara more of a classic feel with some creative liberties. I have altered Lara's face, added several outfits, and changed the non-pure hair hairstyle. After much trial, trying to get a braid to work with the terrible physics left me with unhappy results, so ultimately I opted for the classic Tomb Raider 1 bun. If any of the screenshots contain content that is not part of the modpack, they will be released soon. Some screenshots and the above trailer contain an older version of the bun. Face changes and outfits are compatible with pure hair, so you can use the ponytail instead if you like. Please find the full list of changes below:

Lara's Explorer Outfit:
- Replaces Henley Default.
- Beige cargo shorts, open green shirt cinched in by a brown belt and a white undershirt, brown combat boots with white socks peeking out.
- Some clipping issues around the chest when Lara has her arms over her head.

Lara's Casual Outfit:
- Replaces the London black leather jacket outfit.
- Blue blouse tucked into cropped high waisted beige cargo pants, brown chelsea boots.
- Some lighting and colouring issues on the forearms that cannot be fixed.

Lara's Face:
- Slightly bronzed her skin.
- Removed black eye-makeup and gone for a more subtle, natural look.
- Turned her threehead into a forehead.
- With her pure hair turned off, I noticed how wide and chipmonkey her facial structure was so I reduced her chin height and slimmed down her cheeks and her neck.
- Slightly enlarged the eyes and made little more feline shape like classic Lara.
- Widened her nostrils and made the tip and bridge of the nose less beaky looking.
- Made the lips slightly bigger but changed the upper lip to have a more contoured shape
- Lower, less arched and bushier eyebrows.
- There are still dirt and blood textures however I have made them less dramatic.
- Overall skin texture and normal maps have been slightly smoothed to reduce scaring and some wrinkles.
- Face changes are extended to Lara's expedition and remnant jacket outfits. Any other outfits will have Lara's vanilla face meshes and textures.

Lara's hair:
- Classic bun style in the same vein as the original Tomb Raider 1.
- Pure-hair needs to be turned off in the graphics settings to be used.
- Trialed several different of my braid meshes but it just didn't react nicely, so please don't request this. Hopefully when Shadow is moddable, I can get it working.
- If you like Lara's vanilla mullet - I mean ponytail, just leave pure-hair turned on in the graphics settings.
- Unfortunately for some reason the engine does not treat Lara's hair like other NPC's, so the transparency on the hair was not as detailed as I would like it to be. The more transparency (i.e realistic hairstrands) I added, the more the lighting would make the whole hair mesh see-through, massive pain to work with but I found a good balance.

Download and follow the instructions of the mod injector from here.
Before installing, please make a backup copy of the "bigfile.update3.000.000.tiger" file. Once a copy has been made, please extract the mod 'rar' file and drag and drop the 'Z_Jungle Explorer' folder into the 'InstallMod.bat' that is now in your Rise of the Tomb Raider directory. When the 'InstallMod.bat' opens and asks for your input, press 'y' then enter and the mod will start installing.
Note: Installation will take a while but this is normal. Don't close the .bat down until installation has completed.

Unfortunately due to how Rise works with its constant sharing of textures between outfits, this sometimes will cause the game to crash when changing outfits at a campsite. I find what helps with this issue is if you select a vanilla outfit first (one of the tribal ones for example), leave the campsite screen then go back into it, you can changed to a modded outfit without crashing the game.

Due to the above bug, If you install the mods and start a new game, unfortunately the game will crash whilst in Syria, so PLEASE just install the game after the Syria is over.

Big shout out to alphaZomega, Nicotsu, Raq and everyone in the Tomb Raider modding Discord who made mods like this possible as well as giving great feedback and loads of help!