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This mod brings back the classic ouftit of Lara croft to Rise of the Tomb Raider.
This mod replaces Gray Henley

Permissions and credits
  • Lara Croft in her classic Outfit, with working facial animation. The body is the original from Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • This is a full model-and-texture replacement mod and can be used with the game running in DirectX 12
  • Replaces the Gray Henley costume.
  • This mod currently has som mud textures or bloody textures, some textures will be fixed in future versions.

Download and install the Mod Injector from alphaZomega's Rise of the Tomb Raider Modding Tools. Place the contents of the Mod Injector's zip file into your main Rise
of the Tomb Raider game directory, next to the ROTTR.exe file
The included folder, "Rise of the tomb raider - Classic Outfit," is the mod. Drag and drop that folder onto InstallMod.bat in your game directory to install the mod.
Run installmod.bat by itself to uninstall all mods.
To use the mod, equip the "Grey Henley" costume at a campfire.
Be sure to make a backup of your bigfile.update3.000.tiger file! This mod is only compatible with versions of the game that use

-Sometimes the wrong textures will load, especially after loading a different save and switching to the costume. You can fix
this by restarting the game and loading a save where the costume is
already equipped
-Sometimes the game will crash to desktop after switching to another costume and switching back to the classic outfit
-Lara's  textures are replaced across all costumes (possibly unless you reload textures after switching from the classic outfit)
-Probably many undiscovered

alphaZomega for create Mod Injector 
Nicobass for the boots and the holsters mesh from TRDox
Eidos montreal, Crystal Dynamics and square Enix for Various meshes from Rise of the tomb raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider