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9 different eye colors for Lara. Use With Special K. Compatible with other face modifications. Compatible with other face mods.

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This mod gives Lara an eye color of your choice. Compatible with other face modifications.
Recommended use with custom lip shades for Lara.

0. Perform first time set-up if you haven't done so already.(See section below)
1. Extract mod folder to root folder of the game
Should look like Rise of the Tomb Raider\SK_Res\inject\textures\XXX.dds)
2. In the Graphics Options set Texture Quality to "High" or "Very High"
3. In the Graphics Options turn off DirectX12
4. Raid some tombs

First time setup of Special K for RoTTR
1. Download Special K for FFXV at https://steamcommunity.com/app/637650/discussions/0/1697167168518535998/
2. Extract files in root the folder of the game (..SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rise of the Tomb Raider\)
3. Start the game.
4. Wait for the main menu to load and then quit the game.
5. Open the newly created dxgi.ini in root.
6. Search for [AllowUnsafeRefCounting=false] and change to [AllowUnsafeRefCounting=true]
7. Done.

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