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Photo-Mode for Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

Permissions and credits
This tool was created using IGCS or Injectable Generic Camera System by Frans Bouma. This is alternative cam tools for Cinematic Tools.
cinetools.xyz - Cinematic Tools for ROTTR isn't working and only 1 way to enable Photo-Mode is using this Cam Tools.
I'm not creator of this tools currently for ROTTR, i just found them, and take responsibility for the distribution of these tools on nexusmods.com.
 Author - Hattiwatii

Right click Rise of the Tomb Raider go to "Properties" -> "Betas" and select build 811.3. Some files will be downloaded. Cam tool working only on this version and below.

Using this Cam Tools is easy:
1. Run Game.
2. Run IGCSInjector.exe
3. Make awesome screenshots.

You can use this tools via gamepad, this is much easier way.

INSERT - Toggle camera
DELETE - Disable input, useful if you want to move the camera with a controller.
HOME - Issue a command. Available commands: speed <value>, rotspeed <value>, rollspeed <value>
END - Toggle time freeze. Can be buggy.
NUMPAD 8/5, 4/6, 7/9 - Move the camera
NUMPAD 1/3, ARROW KEYS - Rotate the camera

Left Thumb - Move
Right Thumb - Rotate
Shoulders - Roll
Thumb Buttons - Change FoV
Original speed values:
Movement speed = 100
Rotation speed = 0.4
Roll speed = 0.15

Also you can enable Depth of Field:

DoF structure can be found by searching 8 bytes 140CFE560 that should result to 1 hit
Here are my guesses what the values are
+0x60 - Focal length
+0x64 - Near strength?
+0x68 - Near blur area length 
+0x6C - Near start from focal length
+0x70 - Far strength?
+0x74 - Far blur area length 
+0x78 - Far start from focal length
+0x98 - Edge blur?
+0x9C - Vignette blur something
+0xA0 - Vignette blur start?
+0xA4 - ?????? strange effect Vignette blur strength?
Alternative Depth of Field enable:
Much easier way to enable DoF is use NVidia Ansel, if you need DoF for gameplay - use NVidia FreeStyle.

Show/Hide HUD
This Tools also created not by me.

Install is easy - just place files where is ROTTR.exe located
Use is easy - In-Game press Caps Lock to Hide HUD, pressing Caps Lock again will return HUD.
In addition to using Depth of Field, you can also use other effects in Ansel to make awesome screenshots, or use ReShade as Alternative for NVidia Ansel.
You can add new shaders in Ansel/Freestyle (some shaders are not visible in freestyle because they aren't working in this game) simply putting ReShade-Shaders in:

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel

If you placing Shader that requires Texture
Example: If you put Lut.fx then you also need to put Lut.png in same directory 
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel

All ReShade Shaders & Textures you can find here https://github.com/crosire/reshade-shaders


Ansel shader Exposition/Contrast