Risen 3: Titan Lords
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About this mod

High resolution textures for Risen 3 Enhanced Edition.

Permissions and credits
-Neffo's Texture Mod-

See also the Risen 3 Real Enhanced Edition.

To install the mod, you have to unzip the files and copy the four parts to Risen3/data/packed and copy the ConfigDefault.xml to Risen3/data/ini.

The default language is german, so you have to go to Risen3/data/ini and open the configdefault.xml scroll down to

    <Language VoiceLanguage="German" SubtitleLanguage="German" ForceSubtitles="true" CompleteLocTable="false">
and change it to
    <Language VoiceLanguage="English" SubtitleLanguage="English" ForceSubtitles="true" CompleteLocTable="false">

Works only with the 64 bit version of Risen 3 Titan Lords.

I have uploaded this mod with the permission of the author!

- all textures are completely recalculated
- some remastered ground textures
- most clothes are overhauled
- plate and chain armaments have more gloss
- new lit-sphere textures (lava, water, skin, glass, fire, dirt, normalmaps)
- new lookup textures
- remastered faces and skin textures
- much better vegetation (new alpha channel)
- enhanced tree trunks
- slightly improved water
- most textures use an additional alpha channel for more depth and details
- textures are fitted for the FX-Mod
- reworked skullcave
- some overhauled monster textures
- reworked chani textures
- better ship textures