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About this mod

A user interface mod for RimWorld Alpha 12d

Permissions and credits
EdB Interface

This is a user interface mod for RimWorld that makes a several adjustments to the game's user interface.

About the Latest Release

Version 3.1.1 is the first full Alpha 12 release of the mod.  There have been several "pre-release" versions for Alpha 12, so hopefully we've worked out the worst of the bugs, but please report any problems that you might run into.  I'm sure there are still a few in there.

A lot has changed in the Alpha 12 release (some which is behind the scenes in the form of a significant code rewrite).  The biggest new feature is the addition of squad management.  By organizing your colonists into squads, the colonist bar can remain useful for those who like to grow their colonies to be very large.  Other additions include:

  • Click the Squads button along the bottom of the screen to bring up the Squad Management window.  Organize your squads here.
  • Browse squads from the Colonist Bar with the new browse buttons that appear when you have more than one squad.
  • Configure keyboard shortcuts for your squads in the vanilla Keyboard Configuration dialog.   Use the shortcut to quickly select squads.  Shift- or control press the key to assign a squad to the configured shortcut.  Press the key once to display the squad in the colonist bar.  Press the key twice to select all colonists in the squad.
  • Added a squad filter to the Work, Outfits and Restrictions windows.  Choose a squad and only those colonists will be displayed in the list.
  • Added a row to the top of the Work, Outfits and Restrictions windows.  Select an option in this row to assign it to all of the colonists in the list.
  • Added an option to display the current time using a more recognizable "hours:minutes" format instead of the vanilla "10h" format.  Not enabled by default.
  • Added options to hide any button along the bottom of the screen that you don't use very often.  This can be especially useful for users with smaller screen resolutions.

Known Issues

The latest version of the mod works with the Alpha 12d release of the game.  It will not work with earlier Alpha 12 releases.

More About the Mod

The mod makes the following adjustments to the user interface:

  • Adds the Colonist Bar along the top of the gameplay window, giving you another way to select colonists and to quickly see their status.
  • Organize your colonists into squads using the Squads window and display them by squad in the colonist bar.  Assign keyboard shortcuts to quickly
  • display and select your squads.
  • Adds an Inventory window, showing counts of all of your colony's resources, apparel, weapons, buildings, etc.
  • Changes the layout of several tabs, windows and panels.
  • Look at the Interface Options dialog, which you can get to by clicking on the gameplay Menu.  From here you can disable any of the mod's
  • features that you don't like.
  • See the changelog below for a full list of additions and changes.

Some features are better suited for larger window sizes, but if you're running in a smaller window, you can shut off the features that do not work as well.

How To Install

To install, simply extract the contents of the zip file into the RimWorld mods directory. If you have a previous version installed, please remove that version first.

The most common problem that people run into is that they double-extract the mod folder from the zip file. If the interface changes are not appearing for you, make sure that you have not ended up with an extra directory inside your mod folder. The mod contents should be in the "Mods/EdBInterface" directory, NOT in a "Mods/EdBInterface/EdBInterface" directory.

If you have other trouble installing the mod, please look for advice in this thread on the Ludeon Forums:

A Few More Things

Important to give credit to folks:

  • Need to give proper credit to Joretap0 for his Inventory Panel mod. The implementation here is separate and the features are a little different, but the idea is the same.
  • Thanks to everyone who has provided a translation or provided feedback to improve them.
  • Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and suggestions for new features!

Change Log

Here's a log of the changes that you can find in recent releases:

   Version 3.1.1 (2015-09-20)

  - Added support for Alpha 12.
  - Added the Squads main menu tab.  Use it to organize your colonists into
    squads.  Squads are displayed in the colonist bar.
     - Assign keyboard shortcuts to each squad in the Keyboard Configuration.
       Single-press to display the squad in the colonist bar.  Double-press
       to select all of the colonists in the squad.
     - Select a squad in the Work, Outfits and Restrictions windows to filter
       the list to only include those colonists in the squad.
  - Added an extra row to the top of the Work, Outfits and Restrictions
    windows that allows you make an assignment to all of the colonists in the
  - Added an alternate time display so that the current game time is
    displayed with hours and minutes instead of the vanilla "8h" display.
    Optionally display the time with AM/PM.
  - Rewrote much of the colonist tracking system that notifies the colonist
    bar when a colonist's status changes.
     - The colonist bar now shows when colonists are in cryptosleep.
  - Added the ability to hide the main tab buttons along the bottom of the
  - Added finer grain control over which alternate tabs you want to use.
  - Reworked all of the alternate tabs.  Added an alternate for the Training
  - Added an option to display a close button as an "X" in the upper-right
    corner of all of the main tab windows.
  - Removed the "Colonist" button that was in the lower-left corner of the
    interface in previous versions.
  - Removed the preference to auto-enable/disable alternate tabs based on
    your screen size.  The default setting is selected based on your screen
    size, but you need to manually enable/disable the various tabs.
  - BUGFIX: Doing a better job of cropping long pawn names in the colonist