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Adds new plants and recipes to the game. https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=36926.0

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Vegetable Garden

Please note when upgrading from past versions.
If upgrading from past version . Delete your old copy of the garden just to be safe.  Always backup before updating. Best to start a new game. Changes in alpha always break earlier versions! 

he vegetable garden adds new tiers of plants to research and grow. New meals, ways to cook them, some for health, and some for joy. New drugs. Food preservation. Cloth and leather production. New medicines production. Resources that can be renewed. And Tools used to enhance the way you grow and produce plants in the game. 

All of my mod is center around the theme of growing! 
Please go to the Forum home page for all news : 

I would like to thank Spoonshortage for her work on remaking ALL the artwork for my mod. It all looks amazing!! 
And for Notfood helping with the a16 Barrel Coding. 

Taken all the feedback from the forums and steam. I have changed up the baking recipes and made them simpler. Making better tribal starts and simply making the mod overall better! Lesser conflicts from over mods. Better artwork. More balance. I hope this is the best release of my mod ever!