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The idea to create this project, appeared after using other modpacks, in which I didn't like a game balance. Some of its mods greatly simplify the gameplay, making it soon not interesting.
The main idea of the Rimworld to overcome difficulties that you'll encounter when landing on the planet... The more problems you will have, the mor

Permissions and credits
At first would like to thank the creator of the game and all modders whose mods i used.

The idea to create this project, appeared after using other modpacks, in which I didn't like a game balance. Some of its mods greatly simplify the gameplay, making it soon not interesting.
The main idea of the Rimworld to overcome difficulties that you'll encounter when landing on the planet... The more problems you will have, the more interesting it will be your story... You have a goal, a heavy goal - to survive. It make Rimworld worth replaying again and again...

Main focus based on the growing complexity of the gameplay. Trying to achieve greater..Maximally immerse the player into gameplay and stay there for a long time. More than 70 research are waiting. When you start playing, you immediately understand everything... Campfire welcomes you.

Check latest updates in github!

Mod consists:
Core_SK - this is the main project core, which consists of:
- SK Mods (A lot of new features, textures and retextures specially for Hardcore SK.) by SK team
Superior Crafting (Adds quite a lot of content.) by Abrexus
Rimfire CR_SK (Adds new weapons.) by Alistaire
Roof Support (Added roofsupport to core.) by Nommy
Glass&Lights (Adds new lights to the game.) by jacob814
LED Rope Lights (Adds nice led rope lights.) by Loki88
Floor Lights (Adds Lights lamps that are integraded into the ground.) by Temeez
Better Omni Storage (Some new storage constructions.) by Adamiks
Better Tribals (adds new hats.) by The13thRonin
Project Fallout (Adds some texture weapons.) by AshbornK9
Rimsenal hairstyles (Add new apperel and hairstyle.) by rooki1
Animu Hair (Adds new hair animestyle) by Shinzy
MoreFloors from T's Mods (Adds overhauled stone and wooden floor textures) by Telkir
Misriah Armory's (Adds new weapons!) by iWilliBlecha
Enhanced Defense (Updated to stable version by Vuursteen.) by Jaxxa
USCM (Introduces new weapons and armors.) by Hiztaar
Turret Collection (Full rework + combat realism.) by eatKenny
Industrialisation (Adds some heavy industries to the game.) by eatKenny
MD-Base (MD Core.) by mipen
MD-Industry (Adds drilling rig and mine extractor.) by mipen
MD-Power (Build a fuel power plant which uses fuel and coal.) by mipen
Anti-tank weapons (Adds Anti-tank rifle and Anti-tank rocket launcher.) by eatKenny
More Vanilla Turrets (Adds hauling items.) by Marnador
Skullywags Weapon Packs (Adds flamethrower, plasma weapons and new turret.) by skullywag
Vegetable Garden (Adds various fruits, vegetables, and plants.) by dismar
Neuffs Texture Pack (Adds new textures) by neuffs
Rimbeast (Adds new faction and raptor) by rooki1
Cats! (Adds some domestic cats.) by Fluffy
High Caliber (Adds some new amazing weapons.) by eatKenny
In-game Clock (Adds clocks in the upper right corner of the screen.) by TP108
AllowTool (Now you can claim all those raid goodies with one swipe of your mouse.) by UnlimitedHugs
BlastDoors (Adds Fallout style blast door.) by beany_for_ever
TTM Custom Events (Reworked & updated from A7.) by Minami26
Thingamajigs (Adds some melee weapons from A9.) by Shinzy
RIM WARS (Adds phase set) by damibonf
Advanced Power Armor (Adds retexture for PA from Fallout series.) by van_tarkin
VeinMiner (Nice helper to mine veins) by JuliaEllie
New animals  by A Friend
Outfitters Workbench (Adds some new clothes.) by troedl
Ish's Medieval Mods (Added some medieval Defenses) by IshOfTheWoods
Silage (Add a meal for your animals.) by Loki88
Hydroponic room (Allows you to modify the grown plant of all hydroponic basins of a same room with one button.) by Rikiki
Realistic Gun Sounds (Adds more realistic sounds to most of the vanilla guns) by eatKenny
Wild Rim (Adds bandit mask) by Kyos
Powerless! (Adds small features for a starting colony, or one without power.) by cuproPanda
Extra Floors (Adds a variety of floors. Some are free, some require stone, and some require metal.) by cuproPanda
Quarry (Adds a quarry for collecting resources in flat terrain..) by cuproPanda
Xeva's Hair (Adds several very nice hair styles) by Orion
Area Rugs (adds different area rug models to the game.) by Fisty
Rimsenal_Feral (adds new faction to the game.) by Rooki
HaulPriority (adds two designators that allow players to have acute control over the order in which things are hauled.) by Renzo471
DE Surgeries (Adds new surgeries.) by DarknessEyes
Adaptation Refusal (Adds some new slug armors.) by milon
More Furniture (Adds more furniture that fits the style of the game.) by Anonemous2
More Traits (Adds some new traits.) by TheFlameTouched
End Table with Lamp (Add nice table with lamp.) by TLHeart
Storage Search (Adds search UI mod for storage.) by meonester
AdditionalJoyObjects (Adds new objects and activities that bring joy to colonists.) by cuproPanda
Apparello (Adds a huge amount of new awesome clothes.) by Shinzy
Factions (Adds a new faction, the Norbals into the game and some new apparel) by Shinzy
EPOE (Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering gives you the ability to craft your own prostheses and artificial organs.) by Ykara
Fish Industry (Adds a aquaponics.) by Rikiki
Caveworld Flora (In the caves are now growing mushrooms. Added new recipes for cooking food with mushrooms, as well as the ability to make a tincture on mushrooms!) by Rikiki
M&Co Mining helmet (Adds helmets with a light!) by Rikiki
Dermal Regenerator (Add a machine that allows the fixing of scars.) by skullywag

All the project heavily modified + consists of a large number of patches to other mods for the perfect working them together and some of my own mods. 
Full game rebalance, new features, chains of production, all waiting for you here.

Other mods:
Community Core Library (support core library) by 1000101
Edb Prepare Carefully (Customize your RimWorld colonists.) by EdB
Miscellaneous (Modified. Collection of small mostly independend items of various kinds.) by Haplo
Hospitality (Allows your colonists to convince visitors to join your faction!) by Orion
RT Fusebox from RT Mods (Mod provides assorted ways to prevent certain negative events.) by Ratys
LT-RedistHeat (Adds a complete heating system to the game.) by Latta
PowerSwitch (Expands the available power switch with a few automatic functions.) by Haplo
Infused (Adds ability to enchant weapon & apparel.) by notfood
MedicalInfo (Adds medicine GUI.) by Fluffy
DoorMat from Latta's small mods (A collection of door mats to prevent dust.) by Latta
Enhanced Tabs (Adds new  UI tabs.) by Fluffy
Numbers! (Adds customizable overview stat tab.) by koisama
Colony manager (Adds manager tab.) by Fluffy
Miscellaneous -TrainingFacility (Adds new training devices for colonists.) by Haplo
Fluffy Relations (Replaces factions tab with an overview of colony and faction relations.) by Fluffy (l2032)
Fluffy Breakdowns (Replaces random breakdowns with an actual game mechanic.) by Fluffy (l2032)

New in Hell Effect A14e
Combat Realism 1.6.x (Makes game's combat more realistic and more tactical and engaging.) updated by skyarkhangel
Reclaim Fabric (Allows tailors to reclaim fabrics from apparel, amount of apparel reclaimed is based on degradation of the apparel and tailor skill.) by skullywag
ExtendedMedicine (Adds awesome medical table tex.) by skullywag
Area Unlocker (Removes arbitrary area limit.) by Fluffy
RT Quantum Storage (Adds new upgradeable storage solutions based around the concept of "quantum stockpiles".) by Ratys
Clutter Furniture (Adds some new stuff and amazing graphics.) by mrofa
Clutter Structure (Add new structure's.) by mrofa
Orassans (Add new kitty race.) by Diana Winters
Clutter Misc Hands (Add hands graphics.) by mrofa
Zoom to mouse (When you zoom in, the map centers towards the mouse..) by Fluffy
Follow me (Gives the camera tracking capabilities) by Fluffy
Toxic protection suit (Gives ABC-Suit capabilities to protect toxin & radiation) by Chaia
Metro Armory, Ushanka! (Adds some of nice apparel) by Dark_Inquisitor
Rimworld Ascension (Used some of arts, new features. With personal permission.) by Wivex
MELTDOWN (Adds new mental breaks to the game and tweaks the Berserk trait.) by twoski
medicaddons (Advance medical care) by sulusdacor
bridges (Adds terraforming and bridges) by sulusdacor
Blackgold (Used some of ideas of WIP mod.) by lost_RD
Enlighten (Adds dark & light throughs.) by Notfood
Asaris of the Rimworlds (Add one of the most loved alien races from the Mass Effect Universe.) by iWilliBlecha
Spoons Hair Mod (Additional hairstyles for your pawns.) by spoonshortage
Medieval Times (Additions to medieval content.) by Vindar
Trading Spot (Add trade spot to trader caravans.) by theubie
Animal pack (Add some new animals) by Coercion
Enhanced Crafting (Allows you to make crafting bills that pause themselves once they're complete) by AlcoholV
MasterDihtung's Archaic Weaponry (Using some of weapon textures.) by MasterDihtung
JTCopyBills (Add opp. to copy bills from production tables.) by Jamestec
Skynet SK (adds new type mechs.) by skyarkhangel
RIMkea (Add new furniture, art stuff.) by spoonshortage
Medieval Asian Weapons (Using some of awesome textures.) by eatKenny
Primitive Floors (Add new starting floors.) by Hydromancerx
Tiny Table (Add beatiful tea table.) by AlcoholV
Hunting Alert (Gives you a warning when an animal is hunting a member of your colony.) by Britnoth
New Zone Tools (Rich zone tool is now uniform grow tool. Selects a grow zone in an area matching the fertility of the initially selected tile.) by Britnoth
Auto Flick Designation Sun Lamps (Adds an "Auto Flick" option to Sun Lamps and Switches.) by Zhentar
Time-of-Day Switches (Enables power switches to be configured to be on or off.) by merthsoft
LED Technology (Adds special glower for angled lights.) by ppumkin
SD power (Adds advanced types of power plants) by sulusdacor
Animal Hoods (Adds 2 animal hats) by Diana Winters
goodnight (Adds some of beds) by sulusdacor
chickennest (Adds chicken rest nest) by sulusdacor
Mechanoid terraformer (Adds mech event) by Rikiki
Non-lethal weapons mod (Adds non-lethal type of weapon damage.) by Kapun
Isekawa’s Moe Gears (Adds some of stuff...) by duduluu
Humanoid Alien Races (Enable humanoid alien races with unique graphics.) by erdelf

New in Jewel A16a
Set-Up Camp (Adds ability to establish a temporary camp.) by Nandonalt
Moody (A colonist mood dashboard.) by GiantSpaceHamster
Rumours & Deception (Adds new traits, interactions, events.) by Several Puffins
Rim Disorders (Adds mental illness.) by Several Puffins
Pests! (Replaces the vamilla "Blight" event with a new "Pests!" event.) by Nandonalt
Camping Stuff (Adds deplyable tents.) by Nandonalt
Cooks can refuel (Allows cooks to refuel any fuel-powered food production workstation.) by Dingo
Hand me that brick (Colonists assigned to Hauling will deliver resources to blueprints & construction frames.) by Dingo
FFGerman Shepherd (Destroyed buildings will now leave behind a construction ghost, meaning that your builders will automatically rebuild things once they get a chance.) by forestfey
Zhentar's Vanilla Fixes (Fixes for vanilla.) by Zhentar
Taiga Creatures (Adds new animals for cold biomes.) by Thirite
MeerkatMod (Adds meerkats to the game..) by apk
Temperature Gauge (Adds a simple buildable thermometer that displays the current ambient temperature and can be configured to provide temperature based alerts.) by Aeryl
Fantasy Animals (Adds some awesome fantasy animals.) by Tammabanana
Conduit Deconstruct (Allows you remove conduits) by TheWireLord
Immersive Human Sounds (Adds pain and death sounds to human pawns.) by Ricky
Rimkit (Adds medkit accessory which allows the wearer to treat their own injuries) by dubwise56
Caravan Spot (Add spot like the party sport where caravans will form..) by Hatti
ColonistBar (Advance colonist bar UI) by KillFace
Dubs Bad Hygiene (Adds a sewage system, toilets, showers, wash basins. And hygiene related needs and moods) by dubwise56
Minimap (Adds minimap) by maurojunior2011
Colony Leadership and Teaching (Add leaders and teaching to RimWorld. ) by Nandonalt
A Dog Said (Add Animal Surgery) by spoonshortage

User guide for correct install.

1. Delete or transfer to another place all mods in Rimworld mods folder, except main "Core".

2. Go to:  
For Windows users:
C:\Users\your user name\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Config
windows button + R -> the Run dialog will appear
type %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow -> this will open the appdata folder
For Linux users:
/home/your user name/.config/unity3d/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld/Config
For Mac users: 
/Users/your user name/Library/Application Support/RimWorld/Config
Delete all the files that exist in that folder.
And copy new "ModsConfig.xml", which at the root of the archive modpack.

3. Copy other mods into Rimworld Mods directory.

4. Check mods in the game. Play!

With best regards,