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This mod adds alcoholic beverages based on the "food"-plants of RimWorld. Updated to Alpha 13.

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This mod adds new alcoholic beverages, based on the plants available for farming. They are crafted at the Brewery.

Added items:

  • Vodka, made from potatoes
  • Strawberry wine, made from strawberries
  • Bourbon, made from corn
  • Tequila, made from agave
  • Sake, made from rice

Current version is  v1.5.2, which is compatible with Alpha 13. If you have downloaded this version prior to 20160429-1430CET, please download v1.5.2b, as there was a bug.

For updates and news on this mod's development, planned features and other stuff, visit the mod's thread at Ludeon Forums: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=11363.0