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Wave Survival Mode is a RimWorld game mode that is more fast-paced and combat-focused than the standard game. It allows you to build up your base quickly and defend it against wave after wave of enemies until your colony is overwhelmed.

Permissions and credits
Wave Survival Mode is designed to be more fast-paced and combat-focused than the standard game. This mode allows you to skip most of the tedious early-game resource grinding and slow buildup of vanilla RimWorld. Build your base quickly and then defend it from wave after wave of raiders until your colony inevitably collapses spectacularly.

Fast Buildup
- When you start the game you will have 5 1/2 days to build up your base before the first wave hits. Use this time to bunker-down and make sure you are in a location that you can defend from invaders.

Waves of Raiders
- Once the raids begin you will be raided every 48 in-game hours.
- Raids start out small and grow at a steady pace with each wave. The raid sizes are determined by the number of waves you have survived, instead of the wealth of your colony.
- A timer counts down the exact time until the next wave, so you always know exactly how long you have to prepare.

Resource Drops and Reinforcements
- Resource drops happen every 12 in-game hours. These resource drops bring you random amounts of building materials, enough food to keep your colonists fed, and occasional medicine, weapons and silver.
- New colonists will join on occasion to help you out. The lower your population is, the more likely you are to get reinforcements.
- Traders happen very frequently.

No Non-Combat Incidents
- All non-raider incidents are disabled. No eclipses, solar flares, or psychic drones to disrupt your defenses right in time for a raid. When you lose it won't be because the RNG had it in for you. You will die knowing you fought as hard as you could have.

No Interference With Standard Games
- Select the Wave Survival storyteller to play a Wave Survival game, or any other storyteller to play a standard game. Having this mod installed will not affect standard games in any way.

Special thanks to Philbro for the awesome Storyteller artwork. To see more of Philbro's work you can check out his DeviantArt page: