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Shows small health-tracking icons near all of your colonists and prisoners.

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Shows small health-tracking icons near all of your colonists and prisoners. Allows you to control your colonists more closely.

  • Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
  • Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

Tips and tricks
  • Use F11 key to temporarily hide/show all of the icons.
  • If you don't want ever see some icons, just delete its graphic files from the mod directory.


v04c (22.07.2015):
  • Supported game version: Alpha 11b (tested on 0.11.857)
  • Berserk icons will be shown for manhunters.

v04b (14.06.2015):
  • Supported game version: Alpha 11 (tested on 0.11.834)
  • Berserk icons will be shown for mad animals.

v04a (22.04.2015):
  • Supported game version: Alpha 10 (tested on 0.10.783)

v03d (25.02.2015):
  • Two new icons: "tattered cloth" and "pacifist".
  • Bugfix: additional checks to prevent "get_ListerPawns" spam inside output_log.txt file.

v03c (21.02.2015):
  • Supported game version: Alpha 9 (tested on 0.9.722)
  • New icon: "drunk". Shows the degrees of alcohol intoxication.

v03b (08.02.2015):
  • Bugfix: since v03b "Naked" icon will not be shown for nudists
  • Bugfix: sometimes with EdB interface enabled icons was showing only for first colonist.

v03a (01.02.2015):
  • Alternative icon sets.
  • Screen-scale icons (optionally, enabled by default).
  • Mod settings panel (see game options) and configuration presets.
  • Much more detailed properly mipmapped icons.
  • Icons updated: "Hot", "Bloodloss", "Unarmed". 
  • "Hot" and "Cold" recolored: semi-transparent gray -- discomfort, white/yellow -- unsafe, red -- extremely unsafe.
  • Bugfix: proper target point during hunt.
  • "Crutch" will not appear on low consciousness (during anesthesia and so on).
  • Russian translation.

v02f (24.01.2015):
  • "Unarmed" icon has been disabled for prisoners.

v02e (14.01.2015):
  • Now hidden disease states are, well, hidden.

v02d (13.01.2015):
  • Three new icons: "check mark" apears when your colonists are idle, "struck-through pistol" is for unarmed, "star" icon is for drafted. If you feel that some of that new icons are too intrusive or unnecessary, read the "Tips And Tricks" section.

v02c (12.01.2015):
  • Icons are arranged inside the 3x3 grid. Specially for people with unfortunate colonists that have 9 icons at once.
  • Code cleaning and performance optimization.

v02b (11.01.2015):
  • New icon that looks like a pill. Appears when someone of your colonists gets sick, but disease can be normally healed. For example, not appears on cataract, that cannot be healed other than eye replacement.
  • Now you can use F11 key to temporarily disable all icons.

v02a (10.01.2015):

  • New icon that looks like a crutch. Appears when your colonists can't effectively moving, manipulating, eating etc.
  • Target point. Shows the current job target for all of your colonists.
  • Now you can get rid of any icon you want. Just delete its image file from the mod directory.

v01c (09.01.2015):
  • Edb Interface support
  • Fixed: icons mustn't detach from the colonists. At any circumstances.