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This mod has been created with a number of distinct modules. Theses are designed to allow you to only have to use the parts of the mod that you want to including:DeepStrike, Embrasures, EMRG turret, LaserDrill, MortarAmmo, OmniGel, PersonalShields, Shields and WirelessPower.

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Enhanced Defense: Phoenix Edition - Modular

This mod has been created with a number of distinct modules. Theses are
designed to allow you to only have to use the parts of the mod that you
want to.

Note: View the readme on GitHub for the correct formatting and most recent updates:

Also check the GitHub wiki for more detailed information about the individual Modules:

Downloads are Available on the Nexus:

Discussion on the Official forums at:

The following is list of the major features:


This mod allows you to place shield generators. They are expensive and power
hungry but can really strengthen your defences. The shields will stop
projectiles that try to enter it, but allow weapons to be fired out.


Adds Personal Shields into the game. Allows you to construct a building
capable of upgrading your colonists to have a personal shield capable of
protecting them from damage.


Allows the creation of a Wireless power grid.
Wireless power Nodes can transmit or receive power from the grid.
If the grid is overloaded it will completely shutdown all receiving nodes and require you to reactivate them.


This mod allows you to have a renewable source of Metal and Stone.
You start by planting and harvesting the OmniGel plant.
You then need to research and build a MK1Replicator.
This is a workbench that allows you to transform the OmniGel that you harvest into slag or rock.
You then use this in the standard rock cutting or slag refining benches are in rimworld to get usable materials.


Adds a Laser Drill that allows the creation of new steam vents, and a Laser
laserFill that allows you to remove unwanted steam vents. Both of these
operations will take a considerable amount of time.


Adds the requirement for the base Mortars to require Ammunition to fire. 
The Raider constructed Mortars during sieges will also require this but they start with a high initial Ammunition.

Embrasures is a mod that adds 4 new wall types (one for metal, stone, wood and
logs). The walls have openings for colonists to shoot at their enemies,
while not allowing any to pass through. Basically, they look like holes
in the walls but they work more like like impassable sand bags (it looks
like a hole in each block but the whole block is open to let through

EMRG turret

Adds a Railgun turret that fires a large number of rounds very quickly,
However it requires a supply of ammunition to keep firing.
Intended as a demonstration of how to use the Turrets requiring Ammunition.


This adds a Drop Pod system to the game, allowing you to build a command
building to deploy your Colonists and resources to any point on the map
almost instantly.