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Adds new security turrets to RimWorld as well has a host of new researh choices needed to construct the turrets. New textures are added and each turret has its own attributes.

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!!!Please note that I do not check this page regularly, if you want to contact me it is best done on the Ludeon forums. My user name is Kilroy232 and the link to this topic in the forum is Turret Pack.!!!

This mods adds four new new turrets:
1. Standard Turret
2. Sniper Turret
3. 'Laser' Turret
4. Energy Turret

Each turret has a corresponding research project necessary and custom textures.

1. Standard Turret
This turret is as the name suggests, an improved version if the improvised turret. The turret fires in bursts of four with reduced cooldown time and increased health.

2. M-24 Sniper Turret
This turret is an improvised turret that has been fitted with an M-24 sniper rifle. A single high powered round is fired before cooldown, but the range and accuracy of the turret make up for the slow rate of fire, sometimes less is more.

3. Laser Turret
A complex assembly of lenses and electronics, this turret focuses a beam of high energy light at the enemy to deal damage with perfect accuracy but with pauses between charges.

5. Energy Turret
This is the tip top of the charts. This turret has it all, high rate of fire, high damage and high max health. Instead of using conventional projectiles this turret is able to convert electricity into an almost pure form of energy. 

To install this mod you simply but the directory folder (the folder containing the About, Def, Texture... etc. folders) into your mods folder. In game select the mods menu and select the Turret Pack mod.
This mod does not require a new colony, you can start using it at any point and any update unless specified will not require a new colony.