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This collection of mods will completely overhaul your rimworld experience. I am using the best mods out here on the nexus, I then combine these mods so they work together. The RimworldOverhaul modpack is in early development, so expect bugs and balance issues.

Permissions and credits
The goal of RimworldOverhaul is to greatly expand on the vanilla Rimworld experience. Combining these mods makes it easier to make them work together. For instance, I can create a long tech tree, where technologies of one mod are required for technologies of another. I can create weapons from one mod on the workbench included in another mod.

I am also updating mods that are out of date, since some mods I am using are unplayable in the lastest version of Rimworld.

-- This version of the mod is fully playable! Minor bugs and balance issues are to be expected tho. --

ALPHA3.0.0 is released (Check FORUMS for the changelog).
Compatible with ALPHA2.0.0
Updating from ALPHA1.0.0: Remove all 1x1 quarries from the map first, or your saves wont work anymore.

Place the ALPHA3.0.0 file in your mods folder (Do not merge with older versions) and enable the RimworldOverhaul file with the ALPHA3.0.0 discription and the Core file in the MODS menu ingame.

Make sure you equip your colonists with armor vests, power armor and helmets, these items are buffed a lot. Power armor for instance absorbs around 80% bullet damage!

ALL FEEDBACK IS WELCOME! Click on the FORUMS button above for: Changelogs, bug/ balance reports and suggestions.

  •   If you find bugs: Please report them!
  •   If you find balance issues: Please report them!
  •   if you have suggestions for new features: Please report them!

When a console with errors pops up in the menu or when you load a colony do not worry. It justs lists a bunch of duplicate code (working on fixing that) and some errors with unused items. You can simply close it.

The nexus page for RimworldOverhaul is WIP.

Installation guide:

Extract the contents of the downloaded file into your Mods folder. This folder is located where you installed Rimworld.

Ingame: Press the mods button in the main menu, Inside make sure RimworldOverhaul and Core are enabled. When you click on Close, the game will hang for some time, since the game is loading the mod files.


Better research tooltips, so it is easier to understand what a technology unlocks and how the technology trees work.
Cleaning up ingame mess. 
More pictures on the nexus page ( including a tech tree).

Included mods:

Better Power, by NexusModKeeper - http://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/3/?
Workplaces, by Heplo_X1 - http://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/13/?
Quarry, by Ominus - http://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/8/?
Liandri Corp, by Austupaio - http://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/29/?
T's Mods, by Argannon - http://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/42/?
E-Furniture, by Evul - http://www.nexusmods.com/rimworld/mods/7/?

Game Guide:

The start of your new colony is roughly the same how you would start a vanilla colony. 
Build a basic base of operations: Choose a place to start building, zone some areas for farming and create a stockpile. Then aquire power, build beds and a place to create meals. At this point you will have a basic setup. 

Setting up a research area and some defences is a great next step. Now you can choose what you want to do. Do you want to construct your own weapons? Researching "Smelting and Forging", then "Electrical Smelting", and finally "Weapon Construction" is a great tech path. The "Strong doors" and "Machining" techs are also here.

Do you want to focus more on defences? Researching "Mortars", then "Liandri's Turret Intergration", "Smelting and Forging" and "Electrical Smelting", will give you some great defensive structures. The reason you need "Smelting and Forging" and "Electrical Smelting" is, because RimworldOverhaul has a new resource: Iron bars. Iron bars are created at the smelter. Iron bars are used for advanced buildings and recipes. 

When you research "Cotton Processing", you will be able to create your own clothes and armor! No longer do you have to wait for invaders to bring you armor pieces!

The "Digging" tech tree will give you: advanced power sources, quarries and fertilizer pumps.
The "Stonecutting" tech tree will give you: floors, the cremation furnace and more.

Building a few mortars or five inch cannons early on is highly reccomended, they are pretty strong at defending enemy sieges.

When you play with RimworldOverhaul you can put the difficulty a bit higher, since a lot of the new items and buildings will make it easier to fight off invaders. 

A final note, the invaders have now a more bandit feel, they will mostly have old and mediocre weapons (pistols, shotguns, uzi's).