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This is my collection of small mostly independend items of various kinds.
Right now it contains the following items:

-Mobile Artificial Intelligence
She is an AI persona with a metal body, who wants to be called 'Mai'.

-Tactical Computer + Terminals
Find and count your pawns, prisoners, friends and enemies with just one click.
Call your armed colonists to the combat room or to the terminal
Send your colonists to bed or to eat something (only when lower 50%)

-Nano Storage
Store up to ten items in one single container.

-Nano Replication
Scan your items and make a replicate with the nano printer.
Note: Only available after research of the nano storage.

-Lockable Doors (removed) 
Prevent your colonists to go outside into a dangerous situation.
Prevent only visitors from entering specific areas
Open the door for all and everyone

-Turret: Weapon Base
   Research a weapon base, where you can install the weapon of your choice.
   The weapon base can be researched in manual and automatic mode

-Incident: Artefact Found
Your colonist stumbled over an ancient artifact. What might happen, if you activate it?

Incident: Trader arrival
       You want to trade, but you don't have your comm-console ready? You like to trade with people instead of space ships?
       No problem, this time the trader comes around to trade with you. But take good care of him, as his faction is watching..
       Place wooden tiles outside to define an area for them to place their tents.

-Keybinding: Colonist Groups
       You have the keys 7 to 9 to set drafted colonist positioning groups.
       And you have key 0 to undraft all colonists without active job.
       Also there are the keys SHIFT+Q and SHIFT+E to send your pawns sleeping/eating.

-Visitor Medical Bed
       Don't you want to help the friendly visitor who lays at your front door after a huge fight?
       Now you can, with the new visitor bed you can help them recover. And maybe you'll even get something for your help.

-Implants: BrainPals
       If you always wanted to have your own voice-in-your-head, here it is: Your personal BrainPal(TM)
       BrainPals are micro computers that are hard-wired into the brain and provide you with live feedback.

For more Information, look at the forum thread: