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This mod adds 4 new vanilla friendly races to the game.
All of them are variants of the normal human and can be starting colonists.
They also appear later in the game as enemies, wanderers or refugees.

The races are:
- Designer mates
- Soldiermorphs
- Wolfmen
- Scalemen

The mod can be added to any

Permissions and credits
This mod adds 4 new Xenohuman races to your game.

They can randomly appear as your starting colonists or later during the game as members of the vanilla factions.
You can add this mod to an existing savegame!
This mod is CE compatible!

Needs the AlienRaces framework and JecTools to function. Please load AFTER AlienRaces and JecTools.

The Xenohuman races are:

Soldiermorphs - Genetically engineered humans breed for combat. The are tougher but have difficulty learning new things.

Designer mates - Engineered to be perfect mates these Xenohumans are pleasant to look at and are able to get better trading prices or recruit prisoners.

Wolfmen - Furry wolf-like creatures with retractable claws that deal more damage than normal hands. They enjoy a cold climate but are quick to anger and tend to fight socially.

Scalemen - Perfectly adapted to hot biomes. Their leathery skin provides a natural armor and they survive high temperatures without problems. They need less food but tire more quickly and move slightly slower than average humans.

Created by Albion
Thanks to Rebelrot for providing the textures for the Xenohumans and to Saebbi for helping with CE compatibility.