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Remove mood penalties from "innocent prisoner died" now labelled "prisoner died" and also from "prisoner was sold".
Bonus: Hilariously ironic description for the moods that now are only thoughts with 0 mood effect.

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Hello everyone! 
Im new to the nexus and this is my first mod, it was made in around 30 minutes including uploading and making a pic, Im joking... was not that fast, but it is a very, very simple mod.
I made this because I was disappointed that my colonists didn't shared my point of view in relation to prisoners. Let me ironically describe it:
-So a guy come with a raiding group to kill us all, steal our money, kill our animals, burn our crops and destroy our colony, then was captured, Healed and feed, made a prison break, stole a gun and tried to kill us again and got shot to death. That's terrible... A "innocent" prisoner died! Lets get depressed for a week because of this tragedy!
The same goes for selling. 
That's why I made this mod, had a lot of fun doing new descriptions for this moods and I'm sharing it because someone might be disappointed with so much correct ethic thoughts from the colonists regarding prisoners as I was. This changed my life guys. Now the exit of my prison barracks is inside the fridge so nothing needs to get hauled around... You know...

Bonus: Hilariously ironic description for the moods that now are only thoughts with 0 mood effect.
(Penalties for butchering, euthanizing, removing organs, killed by organ harvest and other sorts of stuff remains)
BUT HEY! You can still cut the legs right? -Right! And Left!

---How to install:
Extract the file inside the "Mods" folder located inside the rimworld folder, open the game, click the mods button and activate it (if it show in red letters that it is not for that version read the "IMPORTANT" section bellow). Now load your game and you will be asked about the mods order changing, click "load anyway". Have fun with with your less soft hearted colonists.

This mod will only conflict with something that change this two specific colonist thoughts. But as I never seen any mod deal with thoughts before the chance is null, even if it does conflict the only thing that will happen is the prisoner sold and died from the other mod will work instead depending on the mod priority order you define.

No Need To start a new colony! and if any of your colonists are with the thoughts right now they will get replaced with the new neutral ones and their mood will recover, no need to wait for the next selling. Enjoy!

When activating the mod in the mod list it can appear in red letters because of the version if i didn't had time to change the number in the file yet, but it is still working, this is only because of a dumb file we are obliged to say a version for it, this mod is so simple that it will hardly need to be updated, ever.

I will always fix this when I can but this is an alpha so it is updated very often and I may not even notice it updated, fixing this is not required for it to work, but if you feel the need to fix the red letters before I do thats how:
Go to the 'about' folder inside the mod, open the .xml file and change the version number to the current one, you will find it very easily in the file. And all set!

Last tested alpha 0.17.1546 (alpha 17 - working.
Last changed the dumb file's (lol) number for version: alpha 0.17.1546 (alpha 17) 

Change log:
If you want to see some cool detailed stuff explanations about the new versions check out the change log! Just click on the... Where is that button? hmm...oh! its here!