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Put in your RimWorld folder, activate in the mod menu when you start the game.

See Nexus page for what you can and can't do with this mod.

Currently for Alpha 12 (will be updating for A13 once I figure out what needs to be changed)

This mod adds 29 different area rug models to the game from tiny 1x1 doormats to huge 7x7 room filling monstrosities. They come in circle, square, rectangle, and also one wide runners for hallways.

There are two new crafting benches: the dye barrel that takes default cloth and changes its color, and the rug crafting table that takes that colored cloth (or regular cloth, devilstrand, hyperweave, or wools) and makes them into the rugs.

A cool side effect of this mod is that the new colors of cloth can be used to craft regular clothing so now you don't have to be content with everyone wearing light grey, if you want your colony to wear all purple you can do that! Visitors and raiders will also show up in the newly colored clothing and you'll be able to buy it from traders.

Now the rugs.. they use artistic ability and have a quality rating, the higher the quality the more beauty it has. The larger the rug the more beauty it has. (I didn't want to punish people for wanting to use one big rug instead of 6 little ones in a room) They can be picked up and put back down and sold to traders if desired. It is possible to get some >very< pretty rugs if you have a colonist with high artistic skill, and you can have a very beautiful base.. but keep in mind that the value of the rug will also be high and you will pay for all that beauty in more dangerous raids.

Compatibility: I can't see why it would conflict with anything at all. Mods that add crafted things from default cloth >should< also include the the colored cloth, you might have to have this mod first in your load order - this has not been tested though.

Known issue: You can place the rugs under walls or even stack them on top of each other. I'm just happy they sit nicely under furniture so not worrying about this.

This is my first published mod since way back in the EQ1 days, and my first RimWorld mod, please be gentle. =)

All graphics and some coding by AElflaed (Fisty), extra coding and testing by Darc Clan.

This mod MAY be included in mod packs, altered or unaltered, please give us (Fisty and Darc) credit somewhere if you do so.
(It's just begging to be worked in with Superior Crafting and mods that add more plants to actually make the dyes)