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Unfinished mod.
Generates a city when you start a new game, with roads, sidewalks, buildings and inhabitants (belonging to different faction)

Permissions and credits
This mod generates a city when you create a new colony. colonists are dropped in the city.
It tries to simulate the behavior of inhabitants.
If they don't trust you (goodwill<40) they will not like you to be in their home.
If you claim their stuff, they'll get angry very quick (you need to claim their beds in order to use them)
But theft is not implemented yet.

The city is randomly generated, it can be quite long. Between 1 and 2 minute on my laptop.

At this stage, the mod is not finished. There can be some bugs and the gameplay needs to be improved.

Known bugs : There is a problem when you try to generate a new city after having generated one before. You need to close the game and start it again.

What I plan to do next 
- Improve the behavior of characters (colonists or others)
- put furnitures and people in hospitals, shops and restaurants.
- let the player set some option in the beggining (percentage of the map filled by the city, inhabited or not, by one faction or several, clean or destroyed)
- add cars, not for use just for decoration (and ressources like steel and fuel)

Fell free to tel me what you think !