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Have you ever wondered what a fictional vehicle with some "high tech" would look like if it was ever made? Have you been looking for a decent rear engine school bus in Rigs of Rods that's public? Maybe even one with a low skirt and many fuel options other than diesel? Well you're in luck

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The Photon RE is a rear engine school bus with the concept of an IC RE and a Bluebird A3RE being combined into one with some technology upgrades. Many details you can find that supports this on the older buses (from 2002-2009) are the sides of the bus looking like an IC RE, while the back of the bus looks like an A3RE (some may say that the front may look like a Lifestar as well). On the newer REs, they look even more like an IC RE with a few differences here and there. All REs has a dashboard that has somewhat higher technology than others. For example, the switches are activated by pushing it instead of switching it one way (as if you push a button on your keyboard). They are powered by many engines, some being the Cummins 6.7, Cummins 5.9, DT466, and more. 
Light Commands:
CTRL+1 = Amber Warning Lights
CTRL+2 = Red Warning Lights
CTRL+3 = Dome Lights along with the light by the entrance steps
CTRL+4 = Emergency Exit light on the back of the bus
CTRL+9 = Neutral Shifter Light on Dashboard
CTRL+0 = Drive Shifter Light on Dashboard
N/B Commands:
F1+F2 = Stop Signs and Crossing Gate
F3+F4 = Service Doors
F10+F11 = High Idle (Turn off high idle with F10, on with F11)