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Replaces the Dragoon's model with one missing the sight, laser, and flashlight.

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In my first attempt at making a mod that alters a model, I present this: the Dragoon assault rifle without the micro red dot sight, flashlight, laser sight, and wires leading to those, as well as the button for the flashlight. The handguard, foregrip, and suppressor remain, as they are needed due to the animations, sounds, and particle effects. You'll notice more that it's actually just a customized Draco AK pistol with this mod, as well as how dirty the railed handguard is for some reason. Just be sure to do your best to not notice the fire selector obviously in the semi-auto position.

Install this with FluffyQuack's cleverly named Fluffy Manager after placing the folder located within the .zip file here in the corresponding "Mods" folder for RE8.
For example: "Games>RE8>Mods>Less Tacticool Dragoon"