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Removes the 2 sets of rails and the backup iron (or plastic) sights from the W870 TAC shotgun.

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As you may have already noticed, this mod removes the rail systems from the W870 TAC shotgun, making it look similar to a configuration that can be portrayed in the Resident Evil 2 Remake/Reimagining. I will admit, I was inspired by a comment on my similar mod for the Dragoon assault rifle, and my curiousity to see how easy it was to delete the specific parts I wanted. As it turns out, the upper rail kit and the lower one on the pump handle are bundled together, making them easy to delete. The sights on the other hand, were tied to the weapon's core model itself, and required a bit of guessing when deleting the rear sight due to visibility issues regarding the loading gate's rigging. You will notice that there are baked-on shadows visible on the reciever and barrel, which may be invisible or obvious depending on the lighting and angle you look at it. Since the rail for the foregrip was removed (due to the weapon modeler's poor decision to tie the foregrip rail to the pump handle regardless of whether you have the attachment or not), there is no rail at all for it, resulting in a grip that either floats there out of sheer will or it's glued on in a rather strange manner.

Installation is done through the use of FluffyQuack's Fluffy Manager by placing the "W870 Standard" folder from this mod in your designated folder for your other RE Village mods.
For example: "Games>RE8>Mods>W870 Standard"