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Swaps Lady Dimitrescu's character model with one of Roodaka from the Bionicle Franchise.

Permissions and credits
An Idea suggested by the Bionicle fan community and inspired by a bit of fanart. This mod replaces Lady Dimitrescu's character model with a model of Roodaka, of the Bionicle franchise, closely based off of her set design. This replaces her model both in game and in the model viewer. HOWEVER Lady Dimitrescu's mutated form remains the same.

Known issues:
-Roodaka's joints do not stay attached in many places. This may be unfixable due to the nature of the rig and it's animations. As far as I can tell, the animation set was only meant for a humanoid character that is unsegmented which is why this is caused.
-Chest pieces disappear when she is about to strike. I may look into this later, but my current theory is that they disappear due to clipping.

Credits: in which the Roodaka model was made
-Biopack which provided the parts for Roodaka
-Roodaka model built by lordfindogask
-Fluffy's Mod Manager 
-alphaZomega and razy Potato for the helpful advice