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All figures animated, now with a powerful new script to change animations, meshes, materials, lights and more in-game!

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Enhanced Model Viewer v2.0 by alphaZomega
For Resident Evil 8

This script enables many features, including changing animations. It automatically finds and sorts the correct animations for each character, and even attempts to synchronize the animations on different parts of characters. All original character figures have been edited to add the missing components required for animation. The script is capable of editing material properties in real-time -- a powerful tool for modding in its own right. It can also swap mesh and material files on the fly, and can move and rotate lights for perfect lighting.

To use the new viewer v2 with script, you must download REFramework by praydog.
Simply put dinput8.dll in your game folder, install the base Enhanced Model Viewer mod, and run the game. The extra animated add-on mods are still available, but they are no longer needed, as you can change between thousands of animations on the fly now!
Press the INSERT key to toggle the script -- it will not do anything while the menu is hidden.

Grab REFramework from here:

Old description:

I have returned!


Enhanced Model Viewer is a mod to enhance the controls and appearance of the RE8 Bonus Model viewer. It features a growing collection of animated figures that can be applied as addons. In the case of Elena and some other characters, some of the figure scenes had to be completely repurposed from one character to another using the RSZ template, because the original SCN file for that character could not support animation or did not even exist.

The base mod will remove all camera limitations from all figures in the model viewer, allowing for zooming in extremely close or even rotating in complete circles.
It will also install the requirements for using some of the special animated figure addons, so make sure it is always updated first and installed first!


1. With Fluffy Mod Manager, install the base mod "Enhanced Model Viewer"
2. (Optional) Install your choice of animated figures

I will be adding more animated figures in the coming days, so be on the lookout for those!

Modders: If you want to make animations for this mod using my edited all-enabled SCN files, you are welcome to do so

UPDATE July 1:
-Eye animations should now work on all models that have them
-All animated figures should now use assets from the base game, rather than from the gallery or from the mod