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Changes Ethan to use the same tactical gear as Chris.

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Update 1.1: 
  1. Removed unnecessary files. 
  2. I accidentally had the lower res texture files, now everything should be at a higher res.
  3. I changed the gloves to use the same textures as Chris's FPS model, so they look a lot better. Check the images to see the difference.

First time modding with a Resident Evil game. Replaces Ethan's upper body with the entire NPC Chris model. Also changes Ethan to have the Tactical Gear in 3rd person cutscenes and in the Figure model found under bonuses. This mod is currently only for first person.


Install with FluffyQuack's Mod Manager, drop the rar file into the Games/RE8/Mods folder.

  1. I'm not sure how to do a full material swap at the moment, so the hair and face material don't look quite right currently.
  2. Entire body disappears for the very last first person cutscene.
  3. Minor clipping

Thanks to alphaZomega for the modding tools