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JTeghius Kittius

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Replace Ethan with Ada Wong
this mod is intended for use with the Third Person mod by FluffyQuack.

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I ported my assignment Ada reimagined costume mod to RE:Village.
I'm not entirely happy with the final result, because of how the animations work in this game, but it'll have to do...
I wanted to include Ada's voice but I couldn't get the audio working. if there's an update to audio modding RE8 I will revisit this.

I recommend using the silent Ethan mod by FluffyQuack to remove Ethan's grunts
Silent Ethan mod by @fluffyquack can be found here: Silent Ethan by FluffyQuack 

known issues:
- all the same issues as 3rd person mod
> when crouching and aiming down sights the character model stretches extremely badly.
> when aiming down sights the shoulders stretch a lot and rotate around the collarbone
> when playing in first person it'll show the inside of her head.

not a bug:
- no facial animations