Resident Evil: Revelations 2
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Replaces the original weapons names for realistic ones

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REalistic Weapon Names Mod REV 2

This mod replaces the fictitious weapon names with real ones; in the inventory, the store menu, records etc, compatible with all lenguajes except Chinese.

Weapons list:

Handgun MPM = Makarov PM
Handgun P10 = H&K USP Compact
Samurai Edge = Samurai Edge (Beretta 96FS Custom)
G18 = Glock 18C
Handgun Triple Shot = SIG-Sauer P220 Sport

Shotgun M147S = Merkel M147 SL
Shotgun TAP194 = TOZ-194-02
Shotgun Hydra = Hydra
Shotgun Drake = Drake
MP-AB50 = MP AB-50 (This weapon is so fictional, so, still maintain the name)
Chicago Typewriter = Thompson M1A1
Assault Rifle AK-7 = AK-74
Assault Rifle NSR47 = KAC SR-47
Rifle SVD = SVD Dragunov
Anti-Materiel Rifle = Arctic Warfare AMR
Magnum Model 329 = S&W M329PD
Magnum 2005M = Mateba M6 Unica
Magnum Python = S&W M500
Magnum Anaconda = Colt Anaconda

Rocket Launcher = RPG-7


Installation method 1 (with FluffyQuack mod manager):

1) Copy REalistic Weapon Names Mod REV2 in modmanager\Games\REV2\Mods and activate the mod
2) Play the game

Installation method 2:

1) Navigate to REV2 Installation folder, and paste "nativePCNext" in the root
2) Play the game