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Replaces Ethan with Gordon Freeman from Half-Life but uses the Black Mesa version of the HEV suit. Includes crowbar! Non-RT Only.

Permissions and credits
"Gordon Freeman in the flesh. Or rather, in the hazard suit."

Ethan is entirely replaced with Gordon Freeman from Half-Life!

  • Gordon's Iconic Crowbar!
  • A silent Gordon. You'll never hear a word come out of him! Well most of the time at least....
  • Third Person Version! 

Same way as any other RE7 mod. Drag and drop the mod folder inside FluffyQuack's Mod Manager


  • Minor clipping. This can be seen especially during third person, as well with Gordon's hands.

Short Q&A
  • How silent is Gordon?  Gordon will never use any of Ethan's voicelines, apart from some scripted events that I cannot alter. He's 95% silent. 
  • Why is the crowbar so comically small? Because it replaces the default knife.
  • How different are the first and third person versions? They are almost the same, apart from the fact that when Gordon's leg gets chopped off by Jack in the third person version, the leg won't come off. This is because Gordon's head is replacing his legs, that's how the third person mod works.
  • Can you do the Half-Life Alyx HEV Suit? Check out that version for Resident Evil Village!

Valve: Gordon's Head and Crowbar
Crowbar Collective: HEV Suit
FluffyQuack: Silent Ethan Mod as a basis.

Thanks and Enjoy!