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A classic style logo title for the Main menu.

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For me, the classic title logo style of Resident Evil is simply perfect

So, I wanted to have this style in many new Resident Evil games as possible;
but, for Resident Evil 7, there was any mod of done already, so... I did one myself. 
Now, I'm want to share it with the community.

Also, in the "Optional files" section there's a custom banner and logo for Steam to
match this style better on your videogame's library. 

First of all, before installing, launch the game and chech if your vanilla logo title has a 
"R" or a "TM" on it. Depending on wich version you have, download one file or the other.

Extract the winrar file and install with Fluffy Manager 5000.

Since my version is "TM", I have not been able to check if the "R" one works.
So, if there is a problem, let me know (better if you attach a screenshot).

This is only a title logo, it doesn't come with the orignal title voice.

This title logo mod has a strange small issue.
If you see it closely, you will notice some small white lines around it.
I think is due to an strange exporting problem.
I have tried to solve it in various ways, but with no results.
Anyways, it doesn't bother me much and, even so, I prefer it more than the vanilla logo from Resident Evil 7.

If you want this logo title stylefor other Resident Evil games, check this out:
    - Resident Evil 0: here.
    - Resident Evil: here.
    - Resident Evil 2 (Remake): here.
    - Resident Evil 3 (Remake): here

This is by the community, for the community.
You can do whatever you want with these files without the need of
giving credits or ask for my permission. 

Now, to enjoy playing Resident Evil.

Take care and
have a nice day.