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Enemies won't wait around to attack

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Relentless Enemies

This a small REFramework script that makes enemies much more likely to attack. It gives every enemy permission to attack at all times. They will attack from off-screen, will attack repeatedly, and will attack while others are already attacking. This mod is meant to work as a counter-balance to other mods that make the game easier, such as Dodge Roll and Kick Open Doors | Melee Anytime . With an infinite dodge roll, you should be able to survive any amount of enemy aggression.


1. Download REFramework and put its 'dinput8.dll' file into your game folder
2. Extract the mod RAR file and place its 'reframework' folder into your game directory
-- or --
1. Download REFramework and put its 'dinput8.dll' file into your game folder
2. Download and install Fluffy Mod Manager
3. Download the mod RAR file and place it in your Fluffy Mod Manager "Mods\RE4R\" folder
4. Install the mod with Fluffy Mod Manager


An options menu will appear for the mod in the REFramework "Script Generated UI" menu:

Current Options:

"Enabled" - Enable / Disable the mod
"Affect Offscreen Enemies" - Makes off-screen enemies attack as much as on-screen ones
"Ganado Rush" - Forces ganados to rush attack more often

For support or anything about RE Engine modding, join me on the Modding Haven Discord server