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Double tap the button to perform a dodge-roll and evade enemies. Now with Sprint, Step Dodge, Ground Roll, Stamina System, and a Perfect-Dodge mechanic for Matrix slo-mo and melee counterattacks

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Dodge Roll and Sprint

This is a REFramework script that enables all characters in RE4 Remake to dodge and sprint.

By default, press the crouch key twice on keyboard to step-dodge, then again to ground-roll from the step. You can also hold run and double tap crouch to dive roll.
If you are using a gamepad, the default controls will be to double tap right bumper to step, then again to ground roll, or hold LeftStick down + double tap right bumper to dive roll. The dodge can be triggered in any direction at any time that the player is walking, jogging or idling. Currently the roll has a default 30 iframes (at 60fps) at the start, and for the remainder of the animation you are vulnerable.

If you roll precisely when the enemy was to hit you, you can do a Perfect Dodge. This rewards you for your perfect timing with slow-motion, a melee counterattack on your attacker, or both.

You can also hold down the run button to start Sprinting.

In version 1.9+ of the mod, an alternate roll was added, the ground roll. This roll is low to the ground and has no dive. You can switch to using this roll type exclusively, or you can set it as the alternate roll and execute it using specific controls (either direct keybind(s) or holding a keybind + the standard dodge roll input). You can also swap it so the ground roll is the default roll and have the dive roll as the alternate.

In v2.0+ of the mod, a standing quick step dodge has been added. This move has multiple animations depending on the dodge direction, and can optionally be chained into dive rolls or ground rolls as a kind of double-roll. When enabled, the step roll becomes the primary dodge, and the primary dodge roll becomes the chained roll, while the alternate roll remains the same and is triggered the same.

Stamina system:
With v1.8+, an option to use a configurable Stamina system has been introduced, limiting you from constantly dodging and sprinting during combat. You can adjust the stamina costs to find an appropriate balance yourself.
You can always perform a move as long as you have more than 0 stamina. But stamina can go negative, and while its negative it may look like its stuck at 0 for a long time (but it is really regenerating slowly back towards 0). If your stamina goes negative, you cannot perform another move until it regenerates to 20%.
The stamina system works with 'Free kicks' from Kick Open Doors | Melee Anytime, if v1.9+ of that mod is installed.

Supports Leon, Luis, Krauser, Hunk, Ada, Wesker and Ashley.
Consider using the Relentless Enemies mod if you think having a dodge roll makes the game too easy


1. Download REFramework and put its 'dinput8.dll' file into your game folder
2. Extract the mod RAR file and place its 'reframework' folder into your game directory
-- or --
1. Download REFramework and put its 'dinput8.dll' file into your game folder
2. Download and install Fluffy Mod Manager
3. Download the mod RAR file and place it in your Fluffy Mod Manager "Mods\RE4R\" folder
4. Install the mod with Fluffy Mod Manager


An options menu will appear for the mod in the REFramework "Script Generated UI" menu, featuring the following settings (as displayed in the menu):

Current Options:
"Help me I rolled off the map!" - Click this button if you somehow used the dodge roll to fall off the map. It will teleport you to the location of your last dodge roll, and if you are already at that location, it will teleport you to the location of the roll before, and before that etc. Pause the game while doing it for best results

"Dodge Roll" - Allows you to dodge roll
"Dodge Escape" - You can dodge-roll out of a vulnerable stunned state 25% faster. Use this if you find yourself frequently getting stun-locked
"Instability Frames" - A balancing mechanic from Dark Souls; you take 40% more damage when hit at the tail-end of a mistimed roll. The text will become red when instability frames are active

"Perfect Dodge" - Allows you to do a counter attack and/or slow time after a last-second dodge
"Counterattack" - Enable melee counterattack on a perfect dodge
"Adrenaline" - Enable slow-motion on a perfect dodge
An advanced menu of perfect dodge timings and durations is also available here 

"Step Dodge" - Step away to dodge quickly without rolling
"Step and Roll" - Allows the step dodge to chain into a dodge roll

"Dodge Type" - Select between performing a dive roll, a ground roll, or a dive roll by default with a ground roll alternate (using either a direct keybind or by holding a keybind while pressing regular dodge-roll).
"Swap Rolls" - When using an alternate roll, check this box to make the ground roll be the default roll and dive roll be the alternate

"Invincibility frames" - Makes you invincible for the first few frames of a roll. The text will become gold when invincibility frames are active
None - 0 iframes, you are vulnerable for the whole dodge
Easy - 30 iframes (at 60fps)
Hard - 23 iframes (at 60fps)
Custom - set your own iframes
"Num Interpolation Frames" - The number of animation frames it takes to turn to the direction of the dodge

"Input Type" - Set the control scheme for the mod. The following schemes are available:
Double Tap: The default behavior, where you need to press the Crouch or Run button twice to trigger a roll
Custom Button: Click on a button to change its hotkey. The next key you press will be assigned to the action.
Check "Modifier" to make it so you need to hold your [Modifier] button before your main button will trigger a roll. For example, to make it be triggered by holding down Right mouse button (aim) and pressing spacebar.

"Zoom-out when dodging" - Zoom-out the camera for a few seconds when dodging
"Zoomed-out FOV" - How much the camera will zoom-out when performing a dodge

"Sprint" - Hold the 'run' button to sprint. WARNING: Turning with a keyboard using WASD may look bad; gamepad recommended
"Sprint (Secondary)" - Set an alternate hotkey or button for sprinting
"Sprint Speed" - Set the speed at which you will sprint

"Stamina" - A stamina meter determines when you can dodge and sprint during combat
"Show Stamina Bar" - Display a stamina meter on the screen
"Dodge Stamina Cost" - How much stamina (out of 100) is exhausted by a roll
"Step-Roll Stamina Cost" - How much stamina (out of 100) is exhausted by a quickstep
"Kick Stamina Cost" - How much stamina (out of 100) is exhausted by a Free kick (Kick Open Doors mod v1.9+ 'Kick Anytime')

This mod is based off of and works nicely with Kick Open Doors | Melee Anytime .

For support or anything about RE Engine modding, join me on the Modding Haven Discord server