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Randomizes or replaces static items in the game. Comprehensive user configuration provided. For example, replace ammo boxes with other types with selected amount or swap treasures with herbs, add mine dart ammo or magnum ammo to the room - items that are otherwise rare or impossible to get.

Permissions and credits
This Mod is for Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition, Steam version.
Game versions tested: 1.1.0 and 1.0.6.
Main purpose of this mod is replacing selected item pickups with other items.
Definitions of what is replaced with what is done via INI configuration files.
For INI documentation, use text editor and open provided "rando_items_dll.001.ini" file that is in the default download. It is self documented.


  • Randomizes or replaces static items in the game.
  • Full configuration via INI files.
  • Possibility to replace items 1:1 or create a randomization formula instead.
  • No additional program to run in the background needed.
  • Does not require to run in the Administrator mode.
  • Does not require .NET Framework to run.
  • Tested and works on Windows 7.


This mod is in the form of loadable DLL file that needs to be loaded into the game process.

Following methods can be used to initialize this mod:
  • #1. Use external program, like CFF Explorer VIII, to modify game executable.
  • #2. Use Cheat Engine by Dark Byte to load mod DLL into running RE4 game.
  • #3. The default method. Use provided launcher executable to start the game..

#1 Modify game executable with external program like CFF Explorer VIII.
  • Copy mod DLL and configuration files to the '\Bin32' directory inside the RE4 game.
  • Follow instructions found in this article on how to use CFF Explorer VIII.
    Make sure to create necessary backups of files being modified first, in essence, the main game executable (bio4.exe).

#2 Loadd mod DLL into running RE4 process using Cheat Engine.
  • Start the RE4 game and the Cheat Engine program.
  • In Cheat Engine, open process list and select Resident Evil 4.
  • Open the Memory View window.
  • From the window menu, select 'Tools' and select 'Inject DLL'.
  • Browse for the mod DLL. If it asks for executing function in the DLL - it is not needed.

#3 Using the default method - installation.
(This method has been removed because virus false positives on the provided launcher executable. You can still use it by getting the launcher from the older version from archived downloads.)
  • Download the file archive.
  • Unpack ZIP file to the directory where "\Bin32" folder inside the RE4 game is.
  • Start the game by clicking provided batch (.bat) file.
    This batch file already contains necessary parameters to start the game using provided launcher executable in turn. If needed, edit this file or examine launcher executable for more options.


Only static items can be replaced. This includes items in the environment that are waiting to be picked up or hidden inside breakable objects. Some items that enemies drop are also replaced. Further testing is needed to tell which.

Swapping of basic items, like ammo boxes, should work in all game modes. However, replacing items that normally doesn't belong to that particular mode will cause the game to crash. Examples of unwanted items:
  • Bow ammo in the main game, playing as Leon mode.
  • Mine darts in the Assignment Ada mode.
In all cases above, after picking up the item, game will crash on the inventory open screen.
Most of treasure items, when loaded into the level they normally doesn't appear in, will crash the game the same way.

For ammo boxes, there are arbitrary limits on how many bullets they can add to the inventory. If the ammo box ends up with that too large ammo value, then what happens instead is the actual number of bullets added is automatically capped, even though on the pickup screen it will show the higher value.

Typical usage
  • For the first test, make sure you're using default INI config.
  • When mod DLL starts, it plays additional sound sample - an inventory item swap sound.
  • Start the game and load the first stage.
  • Check if handgun ammunition boxes are being replaced by some other ammo type.

Project Information
(This is not installation requirements.)

This is an open source project in C++ that uses Windows SDK. Source code available in the download section.
Several other projects are used that make possible modifying data inside the process in similar way Cheat Engine works.
Compiled using MSVC 2017 version 19.16.27026.1 for x86. Should be compatible with newer versions of MSVC.

Libraries used:
Windows SDK v7.1A
Detours v4.0.1

List of compiler flags used:
/EHsc /FS /MP1 /GL- /O1 /MT /W4 /nologo

List of linker flags used:
/dll /nologo /DEF:.\project_dll.def


Alternate Download
If nexus page still marks files as suspicious, blocking download of main executable files, please consider using link below instead. Link is to folder that contains archives of the mod with version number in the file name.

Google Drive Folder