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This is the ultimate trainer by Raz0r for Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition. Version 1.0.6 is supported.

Permissions and credits

This software is provided "as is" and any expressed or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. The author of the software cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, data or other intangible losses, instability.

The game that is supported: Steam Store Page

Note that only version 1.0.6 is supported by the trainer(Japanese 1.0.6 isn't supported). The DLL companion does support all three versions(1.0.6, 1.1.0 and 1.0.6 Japanese)

Don't forget to 4 GB patch your bio4.exe: Tool

My Patreon if you'd like to support my work

Main Tab
 - Character Swap: Change the default character or Ashley’s costume. 
 - Following fixes are applied when this option is enabled: 
 - Inventory fix: Prevents the game from crashing when you have unsupported items or weapons in your inventory.
 - Ashley fix: Makes it possible for Ashley to equip and use some of Leon’s weapons. The equipped weapon is reset every 
   time the stage has been changed or game has been restarted from the previous checkpoint.
 - Lightning fix: Fixes lightning issues for a few stages where it occurs as a side effect of character swap or forcing Ashley to appear where she normally shouldn’t be.
 - Hookshot fix: Characters other than Ada can use the hookshot gun. Notice: Restart from the last checkpoint if you’ve started a level where the hookshot is 
   available and later on have launched the trainer.
 - Leon Mafia fix: Will change Leon’s outfit during cutscenes to “Mafia”. Notice: It’s independent of the character swap option.
 - Gray screen fix: Fixes gray overlays.
 - Arrow drop : Arrow drops happen in main game when Krauser is set as the player. To increase the probability of an arrow drop, equip the bow.
 - Weapon fix: Allows the use of previously not working weapons for following characters: Ashley, Krauser, Wesker, Ada. Note that Hunk cannot use the new weapons. 
   In case you’ve equipped an unsupported weapon, this weapon will not be fully equipped by your character (only ammo type is changed). Warning: 
   Do not save your game if you’ve equipped an unsupported weapon! If you did, please use “Equip Grenade” option before loading.
 - Ashley Fem Anims: Female animations for a few weapons: Punisher, Blacktail, Chicago Typewriter, TMP, Custom TMP, TMP + stock, Semi-Auto Rifle, Chicago Typewriter, Shotgun.
 - Equipped Weapon Modifier: Changes the properties of equipped items. 
 - Silenced: Adds a silencer to some handguns;
 - Rapid Fire: Enables rapid fire;
 - HUD Position: Changes the position of ingame HUD. Can be moved off-screen.

 Melee Frame:
 - Press F1, F2, F3, F4 to perform character-dependent melees. F3 can be used with Wesker, F4 can only be used with Krauser. Notice: 
   Better not use melees without a special melee patch, the link can be found in the thread.
 - No Camera Shake: Freezes the camera.
 - Max Melee Power: Melees one-hit kill most of enemies.
 - Krauser’s Arm Anytime: Press “Z” to use his arm as usual.
 - Disable Laser: Disables the laser.

Misc 1 Frame:
 - Press T to disable collision: Allows to walk through walls.
 - Silent Armored Ashley: Makes her steps silent.
 - Infinite Ammo: When picking up every item isn’t an option.
 - Freeze Health Player: Freezes health.
 - Freeze Health Ashley: Doesn’t protect from Leon’s attacks - use invincibility with this.
 - Invincibility: Makes the player and his partner invincible.
 - Money: When picking up every item isn’t an option.
 - Ashley to Luis: Swaps Ashley to Luis. Use “Move Ashley” option to help Luis navigate the map. Setting “1” to “2” will spawn one more Ashley or Luis.

Misc 2 Frame:
 - Ashley present: Ashley always present – she will be spawned everywhere. Notice: If Ashley appears where she normally wouldn’t, be prepared to face various glitches/crashes/overlays. Ashley never present – prevents her from appearing. Default – does nothing. Notice: If you’ve used “Ashley never present” option, use “Ashley always present” to make her reappear. Notice: Every time this setting is changed, restarting from the previous checkpoint or loading another level is required for the setting to take effect.
 - Press C to command Ashley: Press “C” key to cycle between “Stay” and “Follow” commands.
 - F6 Auto-Aim: Only locks on horizontally, not vertically. Doesn’t work for all weapons.
 - Equip Grenade: Your character equips an explosive grenade.
 - Skip Cutscenes/Radio: Has been mainly devised to skip radio calls, doesn’t skip all cutscenes. Fails to skip all cutscenes in “Separate Ways” and other modes when Ashley is present. Notice: You may have to disable it during a few moments (operating the crane, adjusting mirrors)
 - Move Ashley B: Moves Ashley to the player. Disable collision to move her through walls.

Stage Swap Frame:

 - Swap Stage: Swaps the current stage to the stage you like. Notice: Using this with different game modes might cause random crashes. Some stages are particularly unstable. Update: EM list is now reset by default.
 - Reset: Resets Leon’s story or Separate Ways modes. Restores all items, enemies, traps, events.
 - Force Respawn: Respawns all enemies at once. Notice: This engine cannot handle too many characters at once, hence spawning too many enemies makes them, including the player, become invisible.

Engine Frame:
 - No Grain Effect: Removes grain filter, needs more brightness.
 - Invisible Enemies: Most enemies become completely invisible, some still have equipment visible and parasites.
 - Viewing Distance: Pushes the fog even further away, not too useful though.
 - Additional Brightness: Adds even more brightness.
 - Brightness: The same setting you can find in Options menu.
 - No CRC Checking: Stops integrity/steam id checks of save files(Enable it before you get to main menu or enable when in typewriter screen)
 - Fix Cutscenes: Loads Leon’s model for cutscenes.

 Anims Frame:
 - Fix radio calls: Loads animations, models and textures for the radio (For Hunk radio calls will be skipped)
 - Fix missing animations: Restores most melee animations for characters
 - Unlock stuff: Unlocks bonus unlockables – mercenaries, costumes, difficulties. Reload the main menu after enabling this if nothing new shows up (play game, go to Press Start screen or load game.)
Player/Ashley Size/Speed Frames:

 - Speed: Change speed. Can be handy during keep-mashing-this-button events.
 - Size: Change size.

 Nightmare mode: This is a mode with increased game difficulty.
 - Stamina, it’s consumed when your character is running. If you allow it to be completely used up, there will be a cooldown period of 6 seconds, during which you cannot run. Stamina is regenerated when your character isn’t running. Upgrading health increases the overall stamina level and regeneration speed. Healing also recovers some stamina. As a consolation, your character’s running speed was increased by 20%.
 - Health. You take 30% more damage.
 - Enemies. Enemies are 20 to 30% faster, in addition they have an ability to speed up for short periods of time. They have more health. The amount of health they have is decided on how much health they initially have.
 - Item pickup. You pick up less ammo and gold (30-50 % less).
 - Bullet time. When you are out of health and would normally die, the bullet  time will kick in if you have a combination of herbs: Green + Yellow or Green + Red + Yellow. You will have 8 to 10 seconds of slow motion to escape or kill the enemies around you. The bullet time does not work against grabs.

Enemy Frame: 

 - Disable Enemy Spawn: Prevents enemies from being spawned.
 - No Loot Drop: Enemies don’t drop any loot.
 - Dead Never Disappear: Dead bodies do not burn away(up to 20 bodies, then they’re auto-burned. Warning: Can break some levels(e.g. Cabin). Disable the hack if that happens.).

Enemies Frame:
 - Speed: Change speed.
 - Size: Change size
 - Restore HP: Restores current HP to its maximum level.
 - Move HOME: Press “HOME” key to move all enemies to the player. Disable collision to move them through obstacles.
 - One hit kill: Sets all enemies HP to 1 point.
 - Save Settings: It will save all the changes you’ve made to a file, and will load them the next time you launch this trainer.
Inventory Tab
 - Here you can edit your inventory items. Check “Page write” to freeze all items on the current page. 
 - Attache size: Changes the size of your attache to the one you select.
 - Notice: Before editing anything, don’t forget to close the inventory in-game.
 - Loadout: You can save the whole page to a file to load/share it later.

Misc Frame:

 - Slots can hold 999 items: Every slot can hold up to 999 items
 - Less hand tremors: Less or no tremors for most guns
 - Randomize: Gives random items when beginning a new game. Randomizes player inventory and merchant. You may need to try a couple times to make sure all items show in the inventory.
 - Flush Inventory: Resets your inventory completely.

Camera|Mercenaries Tab
 - Notice: Check “Write Values” to edit values.
 - Write Lag Factor: How fast the camera adapts to changes. The value of 8 is the default value. Setting it to 10 freezes the camera.
 - No melee cam: The camera won’t change view during events like climbing ladders or melees.
 - Camera Values: Save the current page to a file to load/share it later. Defaults resets the current camera mode values to the default ones.
 - Freeze Z(Altitude): Change the altitude of the player/Ashley. Notice: Disabling collision might be necessary in some cases.
 - Freeze Timer: Freezes all timers.
 - Freeze Kill Count: Freezes the current kill count.
 - Freeze Combo Time: Freezes the current combo time.
 - Freeze Combo Count: Freezes the current combo count.
 - Score: Change the score to the one you like.

Ultimate Trainer Companion DLL (Discontinued as of 01/05/2019)

 What can Campanion DLL do?
  - Load movies with sizes up to 500 MB;
  - Fix wrong aspect ration when playing movies;
  - Swap dropped items;
  - Swap enemies;
  - Load textures/files;
  - Allocate more RAM for certain stuff(stage files, textures, enemies etc);
  - ss_pzzl.dat file can be up to 32MBs in size;
  - 32MBs of memory for player .udas and up to 16MBs for weapon .udas, 8MBs for vertex data,
    allowing to have around 55k polygons for player model and more than just 255 vertex bone/weight entries;
  - Player/Enemy models do not disappear when a certain poly limit has been reached;
  - Enemy table has been increased in size to hold more than 4 .udas entries;
  - Less limits when combining enemies. Incompatible enemies can be spawned with 01 flag
      (village ganados + zealots or army ganados). Other enemies don't seem to have issues when 
  combined with one of the aforementioned types. TotalPolygonsOnScreenFix is used to enable/disable it;
  - Gray screen overlay fix is also included;
  - Hookshot is included;
  - Zip line is included;
  - Press F8 when in-game to see coordinates/stage name/fps overlay. Also works with RE4 2007 1.1.0 European version;
  - Press F1 when in-game to remove the grain filter;
  - Load modded files without having to rename .lfs to something else(non-lfs files have priority over lfs files)
TotalPolygonsOnScreenFix - show more polygons on screen, people with slow machines should set this to false;
LoadStageFilesTexturesItemsConfigs - side-load stage files from STAGE folder as well as .cfg files(itemsswap,itemdrop,effects.conf);
LoadESLFiles - side-load .esl files from EM folder;
LoadEVDFiles - side-load EVD files;
LoadTexturesFor120 - side-load textures for r120. Loading textures for this room is buggy and unreliable;
VIDEO_RESOLUTION - override video res to prevent it from stretching it. Leave as is;
ResetOrder - resets the order of how .esl files are loaded;
SkipEndScreen - skips the chapter end screen;
Adjust_FPS_To_Speed_Ratio - for machines that cannot sustain solid 60 FPS all the time this option dials it back to 30 FPS, then back to 60;
SkipRadio - skip radio cutscenes. Skipping the very first radio call after the r120 cutscene will freeze the game(not the one in the cabin or any other call);
FlameThrower - converts TMP to flamethrower. Needs a proper model/anims - same as RE5 Boss Jill Dual-wielding mod. Sorry guys, but the ppl I worked with are SOBs;
No_Ashley - disables Ashley for a specific stage, e.g.: r310 = true;

HOOKSHOT folder:
 Nothing interesting about it, just animations, models, textures and tpl files. 
 Can be disabled by moving it out of FILES and completely restarting the game.
ZIPLINE folder:
 Loads animations, textures and models for it. Create a config(according to the stage you want, let's say r400.conf).
 This files is used to swap physics of the characters, similar to what's available in the Ultimate Trainer(note: this option is disabled in the trainer when this dll is used).
STAGE folder
 MAIN folder:
  MAIN folder is a master folder - files in this folder are loaded for all rooms. 
  Create a named room folder (let's say r400) to override any file(s) in MAIN.
AMMO folder:
  Allows to load different icons for inventory items. The folders should start with item_ and id of the item in hex should be appended, e.g.
  itm_1a, itm_4, itm_20 etc. config.cfg is used to specify the properties of the icon - how many cells it takes up, as well as adjusting it's position.
  .bin and .tpl files should be named as 000.bin and 000.tpl.
EVD folder
 MAIN folder:
  MAIN folder is a master folder - files in this folder are loaded for all rooms. 
  Create a named room folder (let's say r400) to override any file(s) in MAIN.
 Allows to limit max ammo for any gun. Create a file wpn_XX.cfg where XX is an ID of a gun in hex.
 How does this work?
 It works by overriding existing files in memory - files are loaded for each room independently. This means that you
 cannot load files if a particular room doesn't have them. If you wish to load textures/room files for all rooms
 place them into MAIN folder. Override files in MAIN by placing files with the same names into named room folders.
 File naming: 
  Stage files should be named in this style: 
  0000.LIT, 0001.LIT, 0000.CAM, 0000.SMD, 0001.SMD - up to 000F(16 files of each type, except .SND - only single file).
  Place any .pack or pack.yz file(s) into TEXTURES folder. 
  Additionally, HD and SD folders can be created to load HD or SD textures depenting on the option selected in the game.
  It should look like the following: FILES\STAGE\r100\TEXTURES\DEADBEEF.pack. 
  TEXTURES folder in MAIN and named room folders follow same rules as other files.
  You texture packages should be named exactly as in .TPL files.
  Files can be loaded and unloaded almost on-the-fly - copy/delete files and restart if in-game.
  Textures are truly loaded on-the-fly - copy a .pack file into TEXTURES folder and it'll be instantly loaded.
  To remove a specific texture .pack file move or delete it from TEXTURES folder and restart if in-game.
  Configs for STAGE folder:
   enemy_swap.ini - allows to swap enemies;
   This option swaps Enemy with Replace_with Count times(count is how many enemies will be replaced before the group is discarded).
       Setting outfit, health, replace_outfit_with, replace_health_with values to 0xFF makes it apply changes to any enemy with a matching ID.
   evd2video.cfg - play video instead of EVD events or play movies when at certain position;
   effects.conf - effects, right now only rain works;
   itemdrop.cfg - adds more items that enemies can drop;
   itemswap.cfg - swap items that enemies drop;
   events.cfg - AEV events;
       Allows you to have up to 10 lock AEV events in every room(when doors need a certain key to unlock them). Item id and event index should be the same as in .aev files.
EM files:
 Master file - r0000.esl is loaded for all rooms. Named esl files are loaded for a particular stage.
 Chapter .esl files:
For example, VillageDay.esl is loaded for the following rooms:
ESL_MODE folder:
 .esl files enabled in esl.conf are loaded instead of the original .esl files.
 ESLX corresponds to .esl file number.
 .esl files in this format "r400.esl" should be placed into ESLX folder and enabled in esl.conf.