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About this mod

Welcome to my new brand Resident Evil 4 randomizer, created to ease the wait for the remake.

This is a complete item randomizer. It randomizes key items, treasures, weapons and usual items.

Permissions and credits
How does it work? 

1. Download the .rar archive and extract the CE.Table

2. Open the table and the game (Steam version, I can't guarantee it will work on any other version). The table will automatically attach to the game. 

3. Press Ctrl+F1 to activate the randomizer and Ctrl+F2 to deactivate the randomizer.

4. Enjoy! 

Known issues. 

-Key items are limited to one, but you can still get another copy of them after you've used them. 

-Treasures are not limited. 

-Documents will also give you items. After receiving the game instructions from Hunnigan, the screen will go black, you can proceed using Escape. 

-The scenario can disappear after doing some actions (rare, more frequent on the first section of the village and the last section of the island). It can be solved by loading the last checkpoint.

Let me know about any bug you find.