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Replaces Ada with Lara Croft models from many Tomb Raider games

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Unpack the .7z archive and copy paste all the .rar files in Fluffy's Mod Manager\Games\RE4\Mods

Download Fluffy's Mod Manager here


nakamichi680 - TRAODAE
mariokart64n - Tomb Raider 6 Angel of Darkness - Model Maxscript
Paolone - TRViewer
Son of Persia - RE4 UHD Model Importer/Exporter Toolset


Blender 3.1.2

Known issues:

- Legend Lara's eyelashes transparency is rendered awfully and makes Lara look like she constantly has her eyes wide open. This issue has highest priority and if I'm not lazy enough I'll fix it someday

- All the classic Laras except TR1 Lara have hair physics but there is a huge collision on the back of their bodies causing the hair to look like it's floating when Lara is standing still, cannot find a solution for this at the moment since it seems like the game hardcodes collision in the executable

- All the Laras except for Anniversary and Legend will play Ada's original scream when Lara is being squeezed by El Gigante

- all Classic Laras except AoD will have additional hand meshes appearing in the inventory