Resident Evil 4
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Lets Leon show off his tramp stamp.

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Does what it says on the tin. Shows up in cutscenes and everything. Available starting in chapter 2, once Leon loses the coat.

Original tramp stamp textures are from maykitz on tumblr. This also includes their change to paint Leon's nails black. Their original textures are here.

The rest of Leon's textures here are from the RE4 HD Project: This mod relies on having that installed.

For the texture replacement itself I used Son of Persia's pack/unpacker and emoose's LFS pack/unpacker.

Copy the file (01000008.pack.lfs) into your install dir/BIO4/ImagePackHD. Overwrite or backup the existing file, depending on how excited you are to see Leon's tramp stamp.

Known issues:
 - There is a visible seam on Leon's left side when in the inventory screen. It's not really visible during gameplay.