Resident Evil 3 (2020)
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This mod modifies Jill's classic outfit to make it the same as the 1999 original, without sacrificing detail or the physics of Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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Finally update 2.0 is ready to launch !!

The neck seam was almost completely removed (it can be seen in the video), only in some moments you can see something, it is highly recommended to uninstall all the mods that are previously installed, reread the files and delete the natives folder where the mods to delete any junk files that are left.

Finally after many hours of work, version 2.0 is ready!

Version 2.0 is fully customizable, there are over 20 different variations!

You can also apply color variations on the base files!

Includes gloved and watch versions as in The Umbrella Chronicles


I'm currently working on a version with gloves and a watch, as Jill saw in umbrella chronicles,

A massive update of all versions is coming very soon !!

Added versions With Weapon Sheaths 


General response to multiple concerns:
  - The Mod adjusts the original classic costume that comes in the DLC, not the main costume.

- I'm going to add a version with the top gun holsters

- If you want a version with the correction of the skirt without any change in the anatomy I recommend the mod of XxCRAZYPOTATOxX

- The game works for the entire game including the Hospital, it is only necessary to adjust the part of Jill on the stretcher and at the beginning of the game in front of the mirror

- About the different requests, my vision of the mod is to make Jill look as much like the original as possible, so additional things I don't plan to include them.

- Some mesh problems will be fixed in version 1.1

- The visible seams is something that I have always tried to solve, but unfortunately it is not easy, when exporting the models, automatically the tool that we have generates that type of UVs, there is an option to modify certain files so that it works correctly, but I still have not I have thoroughly reviewed


As with the Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom did a terrible job making the classic costumes, for this reason I made this mod that improves Jill's classic costume in every way as she really deserves.

It includes the following improvements:

- Now the skirt is really a skirt! Not a horrible short.
- Improvements in the anatomy of the body
- Stockings are shorter
- Without superior weapon sheaths
- The sweater is smaller as in the original from 1999
- The physics of the skirt were remade so that no cuts are seen and it looks natural.


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My Other Mods for RE3


Choose the version you want to use and install it with [url=]Fluffy Manager.

To FluffyQuack for its great Mod Manager, without this tool it would not be possible to replace the textures of the base game.
The people of
To Capcom for creating such a great game!

If you download, use it and you're happy, give me an Endorsed !! It does not take time away from you and if it motivates me to continue doing great mods!