Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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I was bored... sooooooooo........

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I'm appalled that this hasn't happened yet!
I love modding because I get so see so many people go crazy creative over the mods they make... and YET NO JILL SANDWICH??? What the hell is wrong with you people????

George from the RE modding forums had already made a Jill Sanwich mod for the RE1 remake a few years ago
Here it is in case you guys are hungry


To install:

1) you will need to download Fluffyquack's mod manager (The tool is updated regularly)

2) simply place my mod rar file into the Modmanager's Games\RE3R\Mods folder

3) using the mod manager, before running the game, go to manage mods and
install Taskmaster... uhhh I mean Ultron.... I mean Jill Sandwich... (I swear I didn't copy paste
this from another mod I made)

Note: Mod installation and uninstallation can only be done while the game is off.


UPDATE: Post hospital 'missing texture bug' - has been fixed with version 1.2. Jill's sandwich now works correctly even after being injected with the Virus antidote!!

The sandwich costume only works with Jill's default costume, and will appear after she takes her police gear after the bar scene with Brad.