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This mod adds the Battlesuit outfit for Jill like the one she wore in Resident Evil 5.

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Update 2.0!!

Improvements of version 2.0:
- Improvements in the textures and reflections of the suit.
- Added damage and torn clothing after the second half of the game
- Jill at the beginning of the game is in underwear, this allows to maintain the transformation of zombie.
- Correct functioning of infected Jill
- Added two additional colors

1.2 Update

Version 1.2 is now playable until the end of the game including the hospital. Enjoy!

Thanks again to alphaZomega


1.1 Update

Thanks to the user alphaZomega, the update of the two versions of the suit has been carried out so that it works properly with the final game. To enjoy!

Important Note: 

They tell me that when I get to the hospital, (I haven't gotten to that part yet, I'm still playing tonight :P) the textures don't load anymore, this is because surely the game takes some different textures, this still can't be corrected until we have Better tools and access to all the files of the complete game, and since the game is just released I still can't fix it, I hope to do it as soon as possible.


Finally, my conversion of Resident Evil 2's most downloaded and rated costume mod is here for its actual owner, Jill Valentine!

The suit currently has two versions:
Classic Version: It only has the holster for the pistol and the knife.
Full Equipment Version: It has all the equipment, the complete belt, the necklace and the flashlight.

Important note:

This mod may work with the final version of the game.

Future plans:
Those who know this same mod for Resident Evil 2, know that one of the most important aspects is the effect of damage in real time as the adventure progresses, I plan to do the same for this version, but I must wait for the exit of the final game .
Currently the neck seam is very noticeable, it will be worked on in future versions.


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To FluffyQuack for its great Mod Manager, without this tool it would not be possible to replace the textures of the base game.
The people of
To Capcom for creating such a great game!

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