Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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Gives Jill some attractive new idle and movement animations

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Special Animations for Jill

This mod pack enables special idle and movement animations for Jill. This is the full release of my beta "Resistance Animations for Jill" mod (Oct 17 2020).

The animations in this pack replace Jill's default idle animation and replace her handgun movement animations. The mod is structured like addons to keep everything organized, but really each mod is stand-alone

There can only be one idle animation for unarmed+knife and one idle animation for the pistol. If you use an idle animation for the pistol, Jill will also be made to carry the pistol one-handed all the time (except when aiming)

Relaxed Idle animation:

This animation is activated in the default "Special Animations for Jill" mod as well as "Relaxed Idle + Movement Animations (Pistol)" and "Tense Movement + Relaxed Idle Animations (Pistol)"

Tense Handgun animation:

This animation makes Jill look like she is tense, raising her pistol ready with one hand as she moves. It is featured in "Tense Animations (Pistol)" , "Tense Movement + Relaxed Idle Animations (Pistol)" and "Valerie Idle Animations"

Valerie Idle Animations:

These are Valerie Harmon's two idle animations from Resistance. There is one for the knife and one for the pistol. Featured in the "Valerie Idle Animations" mod

Swaying Idle Animation:

This is Jan's secondary idle animation from Resistance, where she sways her hips from side-to-side. It is featured in the "Swaying Idle Animation" mod
The mod pictured above is "Jill Shaky Suit" by [email protected]

I do intend to update this page with further animation mods as I create them, so stay tuned

Che and Jackal and I studied the motlist format and made a binary template to parse them, and to swap the animations between them. Before that, Crazy Potato independently figured out how to swap mot animations between files, though a mod was not released and his technique was not known to us working on the template.