Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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Jill becomes Vergil cosplayer and she feels motivated now.

This mod also replaces Jill's knife with the Yamato.

Permissions and credits
Install it by using the latest version of fluffy mod manager.
If you have problem with the mod, try to uninstall the mods then re-read game archives. After that, try to install the mod again.

Known Bugs and Glitches:
-Some props mesh clip trough her chest.
-The Yamato won't increase melee damage and weapon range. 
-Sheath of the sword won't be appeared on any other mods except "Motivated Jill" mods. Unlike RE2, the sheath has to be attached onto body parts of the model if we want to make a mod replacing knife for RE3 Remake (demo). So, It's only the sword will be appeared.

-Fluffyquack - Mod Manager.
-Maliwei777 - Scripts (older version).
-Toraneko - Tutorials for modding.
-Raz0r - Trainer for changing the camera angle.