Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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MrMarco1003 and George Chief

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The ULTIMATE MOD PACK! As seen in my video series "Resident Evil 3 ruined by mods" these are mods that change the entire game from enemies, NPCs to bosses!

Permissions and credits

This mod pack contains every mod seen in the video series!  Please note there are multiple variants of zombies so pick and choose what you'd like! 

Mods in this pack include 
-Jill as Shaggy
-Rick as Carlos (Includes pickle rick dream mod)
-Brad as Patrick
-Barry B Benson as Tyrell 
-Goofy as Murphy 
-Piglet as Nikolai 
-Mikhail as Mr Potato head
-Dario as Kung Fu Panda 
-Marvin as Mike Wazowski 
-Robert Kendo as Jon Arbuckle 
-Patrick Star Helicopter 

-All zombies as Herbert the pervert
-All Female zombies as Abe Simpson
-All Male zombies as Minecraft Villager 
-All Male zombies as Morty Smith
-Roblox as fat zombies 
-All Female zombies are Minecraft Steve's 
-Carl Wheezer as Hunter Y
-Crazy Frog as Drain Deimos
-Mr Meeseks as Pale Head 
-Zombie dogs as Slinky 
-Zombie dogs as Scooby 
-Hunter Beta as Scrat
-Agent Perry as Licker 
-Beanos as Mr X inside test tubes
-Shrek as Nemesis stage 1
-Waluigi as Nemesis stage 2
-Thomas the tank engine as Nemesis stage 3

All these mods were created by both MrMarco1003 and George Chief for my video series. They are incredibly talented and deserve all the praise 

George -
Marco -