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Replaces the ammo boxes in the game with piles of shells, bullets and some (half) empty magazines.
Ported from Resident Evil 2 and adjusted to RE3s available ammunition.

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Do you realy think, i would make all the effort for this mod and not port it over to RE3? Of course not.

Here it is: the loose Ammo mod
All ammunitions of Resident Evil 3, no longer depicted with cardboard boxes but rather loose piles of bullets/shells and some magazines.

Of course, some adjustments were made.
Due to the fact, that 3 weapons alone are Glocks, i switched the 9mm Magazine from Beretta to Glock.
There is no SMG but Carlos got an M4, so you'll get some STANAG mags instead.

It comes with the following features:
- custom models for both ingame and inventory
- 9mm is now depicted as 2 Glock mags with a few loose bullets
- Shotgun shells are now a small pile
- SMG ammo comes in 2 STANAG magazines
- 3 loose 40mm shells for regular-, acid- and fire grenades
- 3 loose mine projectiles
- .50 cal comes in one Desert Eagle magazine

What's missing:
- no custom inventory icons
Sorry. I still don't know how to import custom textures, once there out of the
.tex file. If anybody wants to assist, you'd be appreciated.

known issues:
- Why are the acid- & fire rounds in a colored tint?
That's on Capcom. They've used one texture for each box and merely tint it through the material file.
I can't change the files without some weird ass looking results.