Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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Replaces the Glock 19 model with Jill's trusty Beretta during the bathroom dream sequence.

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by now you should know, i'm a fan of consistency.
I was kind of confused, why Jill had a Glock in her bathroom. At first i tought, this was Jills private sidearm, since she's was suspended and turned in her service weapons. But then she pulls out her Samurai Edge during Nemesis' unwelcome visit, loses it and the Glock is just a random firearm, picked up during her escape?


So, lets fix it.
This is a small mod, that uses the Samurai Edge model and replaces the Glock 19 during the cutscene.
Now Jill only has 1 weapon in her appartment.

I upload 2 Version:
- one with all S.T.A.R.S markings
- the black slide version, curtesy of Snipzu

I've made it a seperate mod instead of an update for my Beretta Mod, incase some of you prefer the original Glock during gameplay or even the Kimber Eclipse by SilverEzredes.