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Replaces Jill's "Project Alice" type hairstyle into a differently styled bob cut. One that I like more than the default hairstyle.

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As you know, the June 2022 updates made all mods practically incompatible. Just know that I will be taking some time to update my mods as much as I can. It will take some time so please bear with me. For the meantime, you can still use my mods by using the downgrade option Capcom has so generously provided. I do not have an ETA because I'm currently working on a personal, non-mod related project of mine that I'm passionate about so I will have to devote some time to modding in the future. I hope you understand and thank you for your patience. Be good, folks!

Extract from rar folder into the mod folder for Fluffy Mod Manager. It will not work as a rar file alone.

To be honest, I'm alright with Jill's default hairstyle except for that it was a little too short. So I adjusted it and made it a little longer, realized it looks weird now so I made the hair a bit flatter. Now came up with a longer bob cut for Jill.

I actually like it this way. I've never played the game with the default hairstyle anymore, it's this now. It's been what? Two months since the Mansion Incident? I'd like to think Jill grew out her hair. It also kinda keeps with her character now that she's a bit unkempt due to her PTSD. Growing her hair out amongst others (though her arm pits are still waxed, go figure lol not that I'm complaining, I hate hairy armpits even though I'm a guy myself but I digress).

I've also envisioned Jill as blonde for a long time. I like her being blonde. There aren't enough blonde protagonists in RE. Jill could be blonde and still be the same loveable character. Besides, she was blonde in the original first game as well as in some concept art. Inezh had long, blonde hair when she played Jill (also have you guys heard? They finally found her! Rejoice!).

Sorry it took me THIS long lol but I fixed the mod and made it simply "Long Hair for Jill" because I don't want to force people to play Jill as a blonde. The main standard mod now comes out as standard brunette. I also edited and slightly adjusted it so it's not too long but just at the right length.

Besides, according to one other famously beloved survival horror franchise, blondes have more fun, right?
^^ I mean the above is still true, though ^^ so you can still play with the blonde recolor provided as an optional package.

Originally made this solely for myself but people have been requesting it after I shared screenshots (not showcasing the hair mod but rather featuring it) on my social medias and forums that I frequent. I originally shared it with my tight-knit group only to learn later on it's being shared across the web without my permission. Sucks, I know, so I decided to just officially release it myself haha even includes a mirror version :o

Anywho... I'm rambling on too much now lol

Please, enjoy!

UPDATE: So there have been a few requests for this and that, I will try to please as much as I can.
I have already shared the long hair and blonde hair color separately.
Since people wanted the makeup, I'll throw that in as a bonus. Don't forget to endorse, please. And thank you for supporting and liking this mod. Means a lot :D