Resident Evil 3 (2020)
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Flying Muffin - SilverEzredes - CrazyPotato

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Classic Resistance Outfit with Kendo's Harness, allowing a more original look. Comes with optional files for remake gear and classic colours

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The definitive 1999 feeling

Hey everyone! This is my first mod for an RE game and it's aimed to be the most accurate recreation of the classic outfit. You'll have several options to choose from when it comes to gear, and alternative colours if you want that extra special nostalgic look. The mod started out simply as me trying to learn RE modding and getting rid of clipping from a mod I already love , but it eventually became more ambitious and I decided to port Kendo's harness for Jill.

A HUGE thanks for SilverEzredes & CrazyPotato for their previous work! I couldn't have done this without them.
An extra special thanks for Alphaz for his tools and all his help! all I achieved was thanks to him so thank you so much!

~ Features ~

  • Several options to chose from, mixing classic or remake gear together or neither
  • Colour variations
  • Original game rig used as base and manually improved
  • All normals have been improved, greatly increasing the quality of lighting in the model (like the boots)
  • Improved physics (the pouches move)
  • All clipping issues removed (only one remaining is the skirt when running, but unfortunately because of how the animation plays it can't be fixed)
  • Mirror cutscene compatible
  • No neck seam
Download whichever version you want, then download the colour variation if you so wish. Hope you enjoy it!!! :D

Bugs -

Small clipping in the skirt when running
Left hand weird texture in mirror sequence