Resident Evil 3 (2020)
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About this mod

Provisional setting for Resident Evil 3, with focus on immersion and climate. Should be work fine with full version.
SCREENS UPDATED (13.06..2020)

Permissions and credits
Provisional setting for Resident Evil 3 REMAKE, with focus on immersion and climate. I'm not the perfect reshade guy, but I wanted to try. I was inspired by another setting, with AC Odyssey. I started to experiment and here's the effect.
Have pity if something looks strange :)
I also place a folder with shaders if you were missing something in the game files.
Tested on 1920x1080 monitor and ingame resolution
- RT Version is deleted...

09.07.2020 - Basic version is back. It is not 100% perfect, because it will be slightly different, but the darkness as it was still is

Just check out gamma settings (in options)  for your personal comfort.
If this is not a problem for you, you can mark my reshade in the material (in case you are a youtuber).
Check your nVidia (optional) panel settings for RE3/global for additional effects.