Resident Evil 3 (2020)
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A Kimber Eclipse Custom ll with it's own custom damage and stats and with working custom parts including a laser sight, that replaces the G19 handgun.

Permissions and credits
This is the first gun mod for RE3R that modifies weapon stats. The damage has been increased, while the clip capacity and recoil has been decreased.



- Kimber Eclipse Custom ll added.
- Custom Icons added. 
- Custom Stats added.
- Custom Parts added. 
- Custom Ammo Box texture added. 

- Green Laser - 75% variant added.
- Green Laser - 50% variant added.
- Red Laser variant added.
- Red Laser - 75% variant added.
- Red Laser - 50% variant added.
- Blue Laser variant added. 
- Blue Laser - 75% variant added.
- Blue Laser - 50% variant added. 
- No Laser Variant added. 

- The gun has been balanced for Hardcore or higher difficulties.
   So it is overpowered on Assisted and Standard.  


- Can I use the laser instead of the crosshair?
-- Yes, you can. It's pretty accurate. 

- Will you add X  color for the laser?
-- Maybe. You can always add a request. 

Known Issues:
- None

Kimber Eclipse Custom ll model and textures by eNse7en.
Many thanks to alphaZomega, and CrazyPotato.