Resident Evil 3 (2020)

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Classic mercenaries costumes from 1999

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1 Install Fluffyquack's Mod Manager.
2 Copy Classic_Merce_1999_By_Darknessvaltier.rar in .\modmanager\Games\RE3R\Mods and activate the mod.
3 Play the game.


Q: Why do the costume mod not working?
A: There is a conflict with other mods. You can uninstall all mods(It means there is no "natives" folder in your game root folder) at first. And click 're-read game archives' in mod manager. Then install this mod for a quick test.

Q: I can use with any jill's outfit?
A: Yes! you can use any jill's costume or any modded costume, just install the costume first, and install the head after.


1 Deactivate the mod in FMM.
2 Delete Classic_Merce_1999_By_Darknessvaltier.rar from .\modmanager\Games\RE3R\Mods.


v1.0 - Initial release


Import/Export max script by maliwei777.
Fluffyquack's Mod Manager by FluffyQuack.
AlphaZomega fixed script issues.

Known issues

Mikhail have some lighting problem.
Murphy after the cutscene your dead body back to normal. (i know how to fix that, it's coming with the next update pack).