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She's all geared up and ready to survive the T-Virus outbreak of Raccoon City. This mod is just for Jill herself.

Mod now replaces Jill's STARS Costume now; no longer replacing Jill's default costume

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This Mod is still a wip as there some issues to fix with the mod. The following issues are the atos textures as that has not been fixed yet, No holster for Jill's handgun yet as placement for said weapon does not go into the holster correctly and finally rigging on the vest pouches as they move with Jill's upper spine and her forearms clips through said pouches.

Edit 4/4/2020: I understand that a few users have commented that the mod has no textures in the (spoiler alert) hospital after Jill recovers. I am currently fixing that issue, along with any other issue I might come across in the game. But as of now,  all modding tools for RE3R have not been updated yet or have not been released since the game just got released yesterday, so resolving certain issues may take a while for them to be fix. I hope you understand and are patient to wait for the mod to be updated.

Edit 4/11/2020: I have released a new main base mod as it now replaces Jill's STARS Outfit instead of her default outfit. Now for bugs in this update of the mod: Rigging still needs to be fixed on the vest, mainly the back portion near the belt
Jill is wearing her STARS outfit instead of her new outfit while infected with the virus in the hospital

Edit 5/5/2020, New main base mod released as it has been completely redone from the beginning. Radio and pouches returns, along with the flag patch that has been re-textured with the USA flag. Vest has been recolored and all normal textures have been reworked on. Added scarf to hide neck seam. Mod not only replaces Jill Stars, but also replace Mirror and Hospital Jill Stars.

Known bug for this latest version of the mod: Mirror Jill Stars reflection causes mod to become very dark and transparent; reason unknown at this time. Rigging on radio antenna on Jill's back has not been fixed yet, along with front pouches.

If you spot any bugs or issues, please report them and I'll check on the situation. Once that's all taken care, I'll start working on the optional mods.